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Retrieved July 10, Retrieved May 25, Twitter has been an increasingly growing in the field of education, as an effective tool that can be used to encourage learning and idea, or knowledge sharing, in and outside the classroom. In March , Twitter became available in Arabic , Farsi , Hebrew and Urdu , the first right-to-left language versions of the site. Her account was the first to exceed million followers, in June It encourages its followers to gain a better understanding of the endocannabinoid system, the system within the human body that interacts with the cannabinoids, including THC, found in marijuana, and other aspects of medical marijuana.

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A man and a woman have died, power lines are cut and travel disrupted as Storm Ali hits the British Isles. Twitter 'shuts down millions of fake accounts' 9 July Image copyright Reuters Image caption Bots on Twitter are easy to spot and can be quickly shut down, say experts Twitter has shut down up to 70 million fake and suspicious accounts since May, according to the Washington Post. Cat and mouse Juan Guzman, a researcher at UCL who has exposed hundreds of thousands of bots on social media, said Twitter had neglected tackling automatic tweet generators for years.

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Politics Home Parliaments Brexit. It also shares historic information i. This Twitter page has one of the largest followings of most pages listed in this article, with , followers currently looking at its tweets. It is all about tweeting relatable posts, but not always original content as it specifically says in the description. Most of the tweets are jokes, memes, and gifs about the marijuana smoking experience.

Occasionally posts are also sharing helpful information. For example, the difference between a high that comes from a sativa marijuana plant and a high that comes from an indica marijuana plant. High Times magazine is a publication made for the entire marijuana enjoying community.

This Twitter account has a much bigger following than average, due in no small part to the fact that High Times is likely the best known marijuana publication around the world.

This Twitter account is likely to tweet about upcoming events most of which are huge , concerts, videos, news about states with legalized marijuana, news about the fight to legalize marijuana in general, articles that explain about the different aspects of growing marijuana, and so on.

The list could go on forever because High Times is tweeting numerous times per day, every day. If you are interested in a publication that affects a smaller community but has just as much useful information as High Times above , then Cannabis Now is an excellent magazine to read and a great Twitter page to follow.

It is a publication that is printed bi-monthly and can also be downloaded online, of course. Most of its tweets include information about delicious recipes, wonderful new strains of marijuana, interesting current events in terms of the legal side of the marijuana industry, and success stories of states that have already legalized marijuana.

It even includes resources such as relevant books and reviews of those books. For the most part, Stoner Clothing is a Twitter page that retweets other big name marijuana-related Twitter accounts. This is a Twitter page that is based off of a podcast radio show related to the stoner lifestyle. It has more than just marijuana-related articles and information, however; it also shares lists of the best music documentaries everyone should watch, some political opinions, and news about pharmaceuticals in our world today.

To be fair, it also includes its fair share of fun memes and graphics, making it a great page to scroll through for anyone interested in and amused by the world of marijuana. It also shares a lot of infographics about what types of patients are really using medical marijuana. This, in turn, helps break down any potential myths surrounding marijuana.

Many of its retweets come from Andrew Koussevitzky , a cannabis attorney who helps get people with marijuana charges less strict, and therefore more reasonable, charges, if any. This is a publicly held company that is vested in the medical marijuana and industrial hemp markets, as described on its Twitter account.

With almost 11, followers, Medical Marijuana Inc dedicates its Twitter account to sharing interesting and relevant findings in the medical marijuana world. It also includes updates on the legalization of medical marijuana, as well as recreational marijuana, in states across the country. Medical Marijuana Inc is a facts-based Twitter account that is most interesting for people looking for well sourced, accurate information about cannabis and the cannabis industry.

It keeps its followers up to date about different conditions being treated by medical marijuana or studied and researched for its potential benefits, which is hugely important when the industry is just in its beginning stages now. Follow Medical Marijuana Inc. The Medicinal Marijuana Association is all about spreading the factual information about medical marijuana to the public. It helps current patients know which strains are best for their specific ailments, it shares the different ways that medical marijuana can be consumed, and it debunks myths surrounding the controversial plant.

The Medicinal marijuana Association has about 27, followers, making it an excellent and reliable resource for up to date information about the medical weed world. Follow Medicinal Marijuana Association. It is a slightly more lighthearted account compared to other medical marijuana accounts, which are more dry and based on just statistics and facts, making it perhaps a more fun one to scroll through.

That being said, this Twitter account also tweets some valuable information about specific strains in an extremely easy to read format. For each strain posted it lists the percentages for THC and CBD, the taste, the breeding history, and what that strain is most effective in treating.

If you simply want to see what the different strains are, with perhaps a joke or two thrown in, then you should definitely visit this Twitter account page. This is on the bigger side, as far as medical marijuana Twitter accounts go.

It has , followers and includes information about the strains and what they can help treat, the local and national news about upcoming legal battles in the marijuana world, and different perspectives about medical marijuana and what it might be able to accomplish.

Its entire purpose is to share news from the medical marijuana community. It tweets numerous times per day, making it an easy account page to scroll through on a daily basis for those looking for interesting and reliable information that helps prove the usefulness, effectiveness, and safety of using marijuana as medicine for a variety of ailments.

Follow The Medical Marijuana Exchange. It includes not only links and various events, websites, and facts, but also some simple but effective quotes from various historic or famous people.

It will inspire and inform, and mix in some fun facts, shared resources, and random tidbits in there as well. Instead, it would like to legalize and regulate marijuana in a similar way to how we regulate alcohol in this country. It has quite the following, with around , followers. If you want to get involved in the fight to legalize marijuana, this is a great page to get started with. It employs the retweet option quite often, including sharing the tweets of some famous icons like Bill Murray , as well as various links, articles, and opinion pieces about politics in general in the United States, but especially concerning marijuana and its legalization.

Whether you believe with the retweeted political beliefs or not, there is something to be said for sharing the common ground of wanting to legalize marijuana. There was a lot of activity and many tweets around the November election, and you can expect to see even more activity as any more political changes arise.

This Twitter account is another more lighthearted account geared towards the cause of legalizing medical marijuana. It encourages its followers to gain a better understanding of the endocannabinoid system, the system within the human body that interacts with the cannabinoids, including THC, found in marijuana, and other aspects of medical marijuana. That being said, this page has plenty of humorous posts as well.

The Twitter account is based in Los Angeles, California, and has a following of almost 52, people so far. In short, this is a good page to follow if you want some information about the cause as well as a good chuckle or two. Andrew Koussevitzky is a cannabis attorney who tweets a lot about his experience working in the weed court in Los Angeles, California.

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