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Top 36 1337x Proxy Sites and Mirror Sites to Unblock 1337x [2018 Speedy Proxies]
This slight inconvenience, however, is greatly outweighed by the benefits that are incurred when one uses the Music Frost program to aid their search. VPNs can shield you from your enormous, terrible cable organization, however, they are likewise in a situation to conceivably do all similar things you Sky Sports Cricket HD. For those that think KAT will be back, the same thing happened a couple of yours to Demonoid. You will get 7 Day Money Back Guarantee!


36 Alternatives to KickassTorrents – KAT Clone/Mirror Websites

Here are some of the beneficial features of Proxybunker torrents portal available on the web. Here, I will tell you the steps to use Proxybunker on your computer or mobile device. But, before going through the steps, make sure you have enabled any VPN on your device. So, you must enable a VPN to access the Proxybunker. I am going to list some unlocked mirror sites of many popular torrents. You can visit any one of them just by clicking the links given below.

Do you love watching movies and live TV channels? If yes, then this section is going to be very helpful for you. You can access them directly through the links shared below. Just choose one of your favorite torrents like Kickass, TPB, x etc. You will be redirected to its mirror site and you can access the original content of the torrents. So guys, have you tried Proxybunker to get all the torrent proxy at one place? Please let me know in the comments.

Just try this website at once, I am sure you will not be needed to visit any other website. Created as a tribute for the original KickassTorrents, iDope is a highly innovative torrenting website, which even offers its users a reliable, intuitive, and user-friendly android app for downloading torrents at the maximum convenience, directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Boasting one of the neatest and cleanest designs ever for a torrenting website, Monova manages to stand out from the crowd, offering quite the convenience to users — thanks to its browsing torrents feature, which gives you access to specific category pages. As you can see, you even have a search bar available that further makes finding specific torrents way easier! Known for its sizeable database of torrents with a huge number of seeders hence the name , Seedpeer is a great option to search for high-quality torrents, which offer remarkable speeds.

It boasts a very simple and streamlined appearance with categories for different types of content, along with an intuitive and responsive search engine for easy locating of specific torrents. It has its own community of members, who regularly post torrents, while also giving suggestions to make the site better.

Recently, the site removed adult-advertising from the site, after many complaints from members! It is the best choice for those who like additional features on torrenting sites!

Undoubtedly, YourBittorrent develops its reputation from being the most colorful torrenting website on the internet. Add this to the fast and responsive torrent searcher, and one can see why the site is a preferred choice for novice torrenters!

You can even choose different categories like Movies, TV shows, Music, Games to find specific torrents! Though it can be hard to use for English-only downloaders, translating the page via the help of Google makes it seem no different than normal torrent sites.

Some of the best ones include:. Always use a VPN to download torrents anonymously to protect yourself from copyright notices. If you have not already guessed, yes indeed, NYAA. This means you can finally begin downloading your favorite anime series and movies, without any hassles. To join the group, you need to follow certain rules. For other information, you even have a blog page available. Pirateiro came into being after the shutting down of Bitsnoop RIP.

The site offers a huge database of torrents, mostly focused more towards movies, TV shows, anime, and games, with the highest number of seeders you can find. Despite being a non-English torrenting site, it still offers a lot of content for the natives, meaning you can always rely on Pirateiro for your entertainment needs.

ArenaBG is a Bulgarian-torrenting website that has been under fire of police investigations for infringements of copyright law for non-commercial purposes for quite some time. As such, it was only accessible for users in Bulgaria, but after the site becoming functional again in — users can access the site from anywhere.

The new design offers a smoother interface, better functionality, and faster torrent search. To get started with downloading torrents, you will need to sign up for a free account.

You can download torrents with a simple click of a button, and for those who want to become a contributor, you can sign up for a member account. There is even a mini-chat feature you can use for instant support on any topic! For those of you guessing how the FBI was able to get their hands on one of the most wanted and secretive people on the planet, you might find this interesting. He made a small purchase on Apple iTunes with an IP address used for managing his website and had listed on Facebook.

Little did he know, this one mistake would end up ruing his entire life, as the ISP and Facebook went on to confirm the personal details linked to the IP address with FBI. Soon enough, he was charged with a four-count U. If this does not prove how important VPNs are for torrenting, then we do not know what will! Not many are aware but KickAssTorrents even has a torrent client available on the Android OS, which allows users to delve into the huge KAT database, filled with books, music, video games, TV series, movies, programs, comics and more.

However, while it should be easier to find torrents via the app, there have been no updates to improve the capturing of torrent files or magnet links. This is why the app has not yet gained momentum, as it is easier to access KickAssTorrents directly through the website.

As mentioned earlier, the KickAssTorrents apk for Android still has a long way to go, until it finally gets polished enough to offer instant results to your search queries. Nevertheless, if you still want to download the app, you can check this link out. Since it is an unofficial KAT app and allows for the accessing of pirated content, it is unavailable in the Google Play Store. Ever since people learned it is possible to download torrents on ipad devices, Apple fans have gone berserk over different cloud download and storage services, providing relevant support.

Among the prominent ones, include BiPort, iTransmission, and zbigz, which download the torrent on your behalf and give you the complete file for download via an HTTP link.

Read this detailed guide on how to download torrents on iPhone to get started. Do not forget to download the iDownloader app from a third party store first! The KickassTorrents has appeared and disappeared several times from Twitter, due to obvious pressure from copyright infringement hunters, who report the profile and get it removed.

Below you can see a Tweet from the team, thanking all FreeInternet advocates for their support, after the tough crackdown against torrent sites.

We simply cannot thank you all enough for your support and help throughout all of this exciting but stressful time. Reddit exists as one of the most helpful and knowledge-filled communities online, as you can get opinions from experts to industry professionals on a variety of topics, products, and digital services. The website offers torrents on various genres that include movies, TV shows, music, anime, eBooks and others.

If you want to explore best alternatives, TorLock should be included in your list. This is one site that is prone to occasional takedowns; however, it miraculously recovers every time. However, at the moment it is perfectly up and running. ExtraTorrent just like others mentioned in the list has an awesome collection of latest movies, music, games, eBooks and all sorts of other torrent files. The user interface is nothing fancy, however the lack of any advertisements make it relatively convenient to search and browse around.

Monova belongs to Kickass Torrents and alternatives category. Yes, you read it correctly because you can explore your preferred torrent files through name or hash quite easily. However, you will need to register first if you want to evaluate the hidden attributes of the site in detail. Although not related to the Torrentz. No matter what you are in to, you will always be able to find exactly what you are looking for on Torrentz2. Demonoid is a private torrent tracker website, which only offers legitimate torrents to it users.

The site has been working for over a decade now and has been very reliable. There are all sorts of high quality content on this site; however, you do need to be a member in order to access their contents. TorrentDB is one of those alternatives you can opt to accomplish your torrents streaming cravings. When you want to watch your favorite TV shows, movies or other streaming category from anywhere, you must consider using TorrentDB.

The site allows you to become an exclusive member of its community once you have completed the registration process. This famous site enables the users in finding their desired torrents that belong to different niches. These niches are movies, documentaries, TV shows, anime, games and so on. Interestingly, you can follow our guide on torrent sites for movies to know more about other movie torrenting sites.

The above-mentioned Kickass Torrents alternatives will cure all your torrent needs. For those of you who are wondering, how was the year-old Kickass Torrent owner, Artem caught by the feds, here is the full story:. Vaulin was charged with two counts of criminal copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and conspiracy to commit copyright infringement. There are more intricate details mentioned in the official press release , however the most interesting part that caught my eye is mentioned below.

The site provided pirated copies of latest movies, some of which were still in theaters. The American legal system is transparent in this matter and the jury is advised to presume the defendant Vaulin as innocent so that he may face a fair trial. However, based on the offences he has committed which include Criminal copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and Conspiracy to commit money laundering, he can expect around 20 to 25 years in state prison.

However, the response of the Kickass proprietors was quite alluding to say the least. Der — Yeghiayan went onto reveal the involvement of Apple in catching Artem Vaulin on page 43 of the report. Apple provided records that showed an IP address Similarly, in December , Kickass owner repeated the behavior when he made a transaction on iTunes and then used the same IP address Using the information provided by Apple, governmental authorities were able to trace Artem Vaulin in Poland and arrested him.

Similar to Kickass, TorrentHound was also shut and taken down. The alleged owner of Kickass, Artem Vaulin was arrested in July of when he was travelling to see his family in Iceland. As the plane stopped for a routine layover in Poland, the Polish authorities apprehended Vaulin based on the serious allegations imposed on him by the US government.

At the time of his arrest, he was taken to the Warsaw-Bialoleka based detention center where he was detained by the US and Polish authorities in almost solitary like conditions for almost a year. While Vaulin is a free man as of now, he still cannot travel freely as his case is still pending. Therefore, Vaulin might also be prosecuted in Illinois court on the basis that he operated KAT through servers based out of Illinois and Canada. The attorney of Artem Vaulin Ira Rothken does seem confident that all the charges impending against Vaulin will be dropped so that he can be a free man once again.

However, despite Kickass being in hot waters no employees of either Cryptoneat or Kickass have been arrested so far. Artem Vaulin is on a bail, according to the news so far and resisting extradition to the US.

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