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Over the years, the firm has, however, been involved in its share of controversies — from allegations of sexual assault lodged by female employees, to paying off Nigerian officials for government contracts. Though it continues to make a few high-end smartphone models a year, its current focus is its motion-tracking Vive VR system, which enables users to walk around virtual worlds instead of simply moving their heads and arms. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. The Jills' reputation for excellence is based on their unique ability to match "one-of-a-kind" clients with "one-of-a-kind" Miami homes. The default tax status for LLCs with multiple members is as a partnership, which is required to report income and loss on IRS Form

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50 Smartest Companies 2017

Summary DJI continues to lead the consumer drone market by making smaller, more capable aircraft at lower cost. DJI is also targeting the more lucrative enterprise market with a rugged drone, the Matrice , designed to do industrial inspections and search-and-rescue missions. The company is beating Amazon in the one market they share—Mexico—and is active in 17 other countries, including Brazil and Venezuela.

Founded in , it continues to expand into new markets, make acquisitions, and deliver strong financial results, despite the sluggish Latin American economy.

Summary Its cloud business is growing, reducing its reliance on PC sales and increasing its margins. Its consumer products have been reenergized with the Surface Book, Studio, and Laptop and its HoloLens augmented-reality headset. More futuristic initiatives include its work on using DNA as a storage system for data and on its particular approach to quantum computing, focused on manipulating a subatomic particle called the Majorana fermion.

The startup has already created a prototype quantum chip and is developing a cloud computing platform that will leverage the chips to support AI and computational chemistry.

Large companies—among them Google, IBM, and Microsoft—are also researching quantum computing, but Rigetti thinks its approach is lower in cost and can be scaled up more quickly. Summary Unlike other AI startups, Kindred envisions a future in which intelligent machines work together with people to increase the efficiency of both.

The robots use machine-learning algorithms to operate, but if one runs into problems—say, while grasping and placing items inside a warehouse—the human can temporarily take control, and the robot will improve its performance via reinforcement learning.

The technology could lead to a new type of AI and general-purpose robots that are capable of multiple tasks. It does not sell directly to the consumer. The technology is now being used in more than hospitals in 50 countries mostly in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Summary There are certainly concerns that Tesla is overextending itself, between its giant factory buildouts and its acquisition of SolarCity. Autopilot accidents and car maintenance issues add to the negatives.

Still, the company continues to make bold bets. Among businesses focused on sustainability, Tesla remains the best example of a brand success, advancing the technology and economic viability of electric vehicles, energy storage, and solar.

Tesla flipped the switch on its massive battery factory earlier this year, and this summer the company expects to roll out its next product, the more affordable Model 3, introducing its vehicles to a far larger market. Its ,plus preorders show there is demand. Now the company is working to prove that its technology can be widely useful in a market for high-speed DNA sequencers currently dominated by the faster and more accurate machines made by Illumina No.

At the same time Gou is talking up the possibility of employing U. Foxconn makes its own manufacturing robots, known as Foxbots, 40, of which are already in operation. Eventually, Foxconn executive Dai Jia-peng has said, the company aims to fully automate the making of PCs, monitors, and, yes, iPhones. Summary The largest off-grid solar operator in sub-Saharan Africa, it offers clean power to consumers in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania for a daily fee.

It connected its ,th home this spring, to sells its products through the major communications company Safaricom and others, and that it has put its new solar TV systems in 60, households. The contest was the first to prove that fully automated systems could protect people from software vulnerabilities in real time. The company is now signing up its first customers, which are likely to include federal government agencies, financial services companies, and manufacturers of Internet-connected devices.

To further boost its competitiveness, Flipkart is expanding its private-label product lines and hiring AI experts to improve product search and recommendations on its website. Summary About , people are born each year with sickle-cell disease, a condition caused by a faulty gene involved in the development of red blood cells: Some patients require regular blood transfusions to manage the condition, and people of specific origins—including African, Middle Eastern, and Asian—are more likely to be affected.

In March, it was reported that 15 months after undergoing a new treatment in a Paris hospital, a teenager with sickle-cell was symptom-free. Summary The sneaker maker is changing the way it manufacturers shoes, launching a robot-intensive microfactory in Ansbach, Germany, where it will begin to produce locally and on demand later this year. A similar factory offering customization and faster reaction times to local fashion trends has been announced in the U.

This marks a shift of commercial production from Asia. At the same time, Adidas is working with 3-D-printing company Carbon No. One hundred fifty different iterations of the elastomer used to print the midsole are being tested. Summary IBM continues to invest in a range of emerging technologies that it thinks will yield sustainable growth, such as the distributed-ledger technology blockchain.

IBM also continues to develop quantum computing technology, which it plans to sell as a cloud service. Summary More than years old, General Electric has readjusted its strategy many times, and under its newly announced CEO, John Flannery, may change yet again. General Electric Company Person: Pitch to public and private companies on the same family tree as your existing customers.

Use our corporate relationship content to enhance your conflict of interest process. Locate parent companies of customers who may have overdue bills. Setup Email Alerts Keep up-to-date on personnel changes, such as executive moves, using your own customized settings. Order Print Directories We offer a means of researching corporate information while offline: Pinpoint contacts using over titles and business areas Download entire corporate families to assign to your sales reps Pull historical company content to track trends Download biographical content to research individuals.

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