How to set up SSTP VPN on Windows 7

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Connect to VPN Gate by Using MS-SSTP VPN Protocol
You should check "Remember this password". If the username and password prompting screen appears, input "vpn" 3-letters on both username and password field. Finally save the CSR to a file, then open the file in notepad and copy all of the contents to your clipboard. Are you an IT pro? The password is the one that you've created when you first made an order if you haven't changed it since then, of course. If that doesn't work, the direct link to the Customer Area login page is:

Remote Access installation

How to setup an SSTP VPN server with Windows Server

You can see your source country or region has been changed to other if you are connecting to a VPN server which is located on oversea country. You must specify the hostname as "xxx. You cannot specify IP addresses directly. If the port number of the SSTP server is not , you should append a suffix as ": Initial configurations only once at the first time Right-click the network icon on the bottom-right side of Windows screen, and click "Open Network and Sharing Center".

Select "Connect to a workplace". If the VPN connection will be established, the following screen will appear. Username and password are both "vpn" 3-letters. Right click on that icon. Select " Open Network and Sharing Center ". In the appeared window select " Connect to a workplace ", click " Next ".

If you already have other connections configured, select " No, create a new connection " and click " Next " button. If you don't see this dialog window just skip this step. If you are not sure where to get them, scroll up the page, you can find the instructions there. Check " Don't connect now; just set it up so I can connect later " and click " Next " button. Fill the " User name " and " Password " fields, your credentials that you obtained before.

For manual setup username is not your email and the password is not your password for Customer Area. You can find these credentials in the Customer Area , same place where the server address is located.

Check " Remember this password " and click " Create " button. Right click on it and select " Properties ". For " Data encryption " select " Require encryption disconnect if server declines ". Click " OK ". We will now need to get a certification authority to sign a certificate for us.

Provide your certification authority of choice the CSR we just generated via the wizard. Once they have verified your details, they should provide you with a certificate file that we can load into IIS to complete the SSL steps. You should now see the certificate listed in IIS.

We now need to configure the RAS service. Once the MMC has loaded, right click the server name on the left, and select the configure option. On the following page, tick the VPN checkbox. The wizard will complete, and start the service. You can double check that things are OK by testing with a web browser i. When creating the connection, ensure that the internet address is the same one as used in the certificate. On the security tab, change the type to SSTP. Are you an IT pro? Create a certificate request file with alias suppo A PowerShell implementation of netstat.

Automated Setup

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