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How to play ps3 on mac?
I got PS3 the newer one and loads of PS2 games. You can use it to play many amazing games that work incredibly well when played with the controller like the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. This is the circular button in the middle of the controller; pressing it will begin the syncing process. I'm not sure, again the Lion version comes as a DMG with the libraries. The ps3 controller lights show you the battery level, there are physical battery indicator lights on the controller itself. To ensure this, you can do a couple different things:

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How to Use a PlayStation 3 Controller to Play Games On Your Mac

Disconnect your PlayStation 3 optional. If you have a PS3, disconnecting it will prevent your controller from attempting to connect to the PS3 rather than your Mac. Click the Apple menu to open it. This is the Apple-shaped icon in the top left corner of your Mac's screen. Click "System Preferences", then click the "Bluetooth" tab. This will open your Bluetooth menu. If your Bluetooth detection isn't already on, turn it on by clicking the "Turn Bluetooth On" button in your Bluetooth menu.

This should go in one of the rectangular USB slots in the side of your Mac's casing. Press the PlayStation button on the controller.

This is the circular button in the middle of the controller; pressing it will begin the syncing process. Wait for the controller to show up in the Bluetooth menu. Since the controller is connected via Bluetooth, you shouldn't have to use the USB for anything other than charging your controller with your Mac.

Use your PS3 controller with any game of your choice. Although there aren't many games released for Mac, your PS3 controller should work with any that are! If you have a PS3, disconnecting it will prevent your controller from attempting to sync with your PS3 rather than your Mac. If you want to connect to a PS4 other than your primary, you can manually register pair it with your computer. At this point, an eight-digit code appears on the screen.

Take note of this code as you will need it soon. Also, a count timer starts at seconds giving you five minutes to complete the registration process.

The system should now connect and you will see a notification on the PS4 system stating you have joined via Remote Play. This is limited to p on standard PS4 systems. However, your PS4 Pro will adapt streaming quality to take changes in broadband speed into account to maximise gameplay stability. Updated 3 March What is Remote Play? Do you have any insight? Could it be a bad ISO? It had me worried for a while too: For some reason the default setting was Mute.

You do of course need the CG Toolkit too, for all versions. The problems you describe sound like typical emulation issues, and I've experienced plenty myself on various platforms in the past. Have you tried many more games? Have you tried messing with graphics settings or looking for special fixes in the advanced settings?

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest, other than trying other games or considering the fact that your hardware might not be PCSX2-friendly. I'd try a few more games perhaps FF7? The fact that you can get it to run at all is a good start, remember that! After some more Googling I found this thread which might help you out: It's slightly outdated, but not in your case as you're still on Are you running Lion?

If you are running an earlier version make sure you have XQuartz downloaded and the correct version of the emulator for your OS. I haven't tested this in Mountain Lion yet, so if you're running I can't really offer too much more in the way of help, with no way of reproducing the error it could be anything.

The best bet is for you to head over to the official forum and see if anyone else has had the issue, or make a new thread: Every time I try to run the Bios no disk to test, I get this error. Aside from checking you've got the libraries installed, I can't think what might be up there. I had no such issues on Lion, and didn't need to separately install XQuartz either. Have you tried searching the error you receive?

I can't think what else it could be, unless you have fairly old hardware even so, it should still run albeit poorly. Good luck, let us know if you find the solution!

You need to select the folder it's located in first, then choose the BIOS file. Cant seem to work my ps3 controller with this are there any free gamepad applications ive tried downloading a ps3 driver tool from tattiebogle. Yeah support is patchy with the new Apple laptops - the Retina MacBook Pro I've got isn't too good with joypads it seems. I've searched high and low and there does not appear to be any free apps for this purpose. GamePad Companion lets you do keyboard mapping, which is good but not perfect though it might have to do.

Obviously it's annoying having to pay for something to find out if it works, but it's the only choice at the moment. The developer really should offer a free version, I'm sure a lot more people would buy the full version if they could test out a free version first.

I'm running Snow Leopard and I can't seem to find libraries. I've checked with both finder and spotlight. Also, I never got a. Yes it looks like it's a. It's like it doesn't exist on my computer! Any tips on where it might be hiding? Or is it in one of the 3 applications somehow? I've even tried looking through hidden files. It's no where to be found. I'm not sure, again the Lion version comes as a DMG with the libraries. You could always try and install the Lion version and see if that works?

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