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The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2017
I still can't look at a wall the same The number one scary movie that I watched when I first saw it. Nothing happens in this film as a direct result of what came before, which explains why a sudden appearance of suggestive, potentially dangerous text messages could be interpreted as a literal threat, or as some strange cosmic manifestation of other, subtler anxieties. Is that the word to describe this movie. This movie really makes me want to be a better person just so I don't ever have to be in that predicament. I really LOVE this movie. Paranormal Activity, Human Centipede and Predator made the list, but REC , the scariest, most chilling movie ever made didn;t pass the cut?

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This movie is terrifying but the only thing I never really got was the Guy running with a big heavy chainsaw and the victim never being able to escape. Other than that A Brilliant Creepy Horror film. Yes, I think as we get older, reasoning helps us understand that some things simply cannot happen. Next, you will discover another scene that is implausible, and so on I personally would never let young children watch any of these movies because it might frighten them too much - Ned Oh god this movie traumatised me This was the hell of all scary movies.

I like watching horror movies so that I can sit and laugh at the children. But this time it was reversed. I slept with my bed light on for more than two weeks. Letting my obese dog sleep between my feet that if something grabbed me his going to struggle.

This was the first horror movie that actually scared me. I don't find little girls, clowns, or maniacal killers that scary they're a bit cliche now. But this movie struck a chord of the fear of the unseen, what demons come out at night. Is that weird bump in the night just the house adjusting or was it something. I remember I was a freshman in college when I watched the first one. I did not get any sleep that night and I had nightmares when I did.

Even the first case of sleep paralysis was after that movie. The second time I had sleep paralysis I felt a presence and saw a shadowy figure looming over my bed.

I heard someone ask me my name, I refused and told it to leave. I broke free finally and I prayed on it. I haven't experienced the nightmares ever since. I know that it's normal symptoms but I believe in God and I'm terrified of demons. This movie brought those fears out of me so I'm not surprised I had bad nightmares. But I do thank God he answered my prayers, no demon related I don't scare easily, but this did it for me.

The Exorcist has nothing on this film! See the climax was average. Rest of the movie was crap! This movie was perfect, honestly. It wasn't scary, but it had its moments that were I'm a huge Hannibal The Cannibal fan, and loved all three movies. It's quite realistic as well and Jodie Foster was an amazing Clarice. Most scary movie I have ever seen. The dialogue and images go deep into your psyche.

The worst was I first saw this movie when it came out. My best friend and I went together. We came home from it and to go to her house we had to go through a dark alley and through her mom's closed store. We were terrified to be out in the dark after that film! This movie wouldn't be one to call 'Scary' although it does have a few parts in the movie that might frighten you but the movie is actually a Psychological Thriller.

These types of movies are ones that make you think constantly to find out how this happened and who that person is. I watch a lot more psychological thrillers over 'Horror' movies because I can't do lots and lots of gore like in Saw or in Scream, it seems like all modern day horror movies has to have someone's guts being spilled out for the movie to actually have plot. I swear older movies were the better ones no matter how crappy the quality is or how fake it looks, they still are better than today's movies.

Yes, I agree that this is a brilliant film, the best sci-fi film ever made But it is in no way even the slightest bit scary. I suppose it could have been back when it first came out though Yeah, beside the fact that Ridley Scott's movie is a Sci-Fi masterpiece and one of the best from all time, it was scary because we didn't know what to expect from the unexpected creature called ALIEN - MatrixGuy.

The overwhelming sense of dread throughout this movie has rarely been equaled. The alien is still being copied and of course, Sigourney Weaver. It's slightly scary but I wouldn't count it as a horror film, sci-fi wins - Swiftdawn. Alongside of Halloween, this is my other all-time favorite horror series.

Much like Halloween did in its time, Scream completely re-energized the horror genre which had grown stagnant and paved the way for a whole new generation of scary movies.

So well-written, and with characters that are actually well-developed. When you actually feel emotion when the characters are in danger, you know you've got a good one. Can someone explain to me why Insidious and The Conjuring are higher than Scream, a classic that almost made me pee my pants.

This is one of my all time favourite horror movies. The acting was good, the plot was so good, you could never guess what was going to happen, and there was actual character development. On top of that, it had the main quality people look for in horror movies, it was actually scary! I know, it's rare, but sometimes horror movies are actually scary. Insidious and especially The Conjuring sucked. This should at least be in the top 10! This movie changed the status of horror movies in the 90's, when the genre was going downhill.

I can't believe Insidious and Wrong Turn are ahead of this. This movie is more comedy to me than horror - missyweirdo. Had to vote for this one. Can't believe this is so low in the list. This scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. A parasitic shape shifting alien that can mimic anything that comes into contact with it.

Some of the best practical special effects ever, the spider head and the guy getting his arms bit off by someone's torso and the dog sprouting tentacles, it truly is disturbing. Add to that the paranoia and Arctic location and john Carpenter's mad music and direction of a top cast including Kurt Russell at the top of his game, The thing is scary it's the stuff of nightmares. That's a pretty good summarization.

I think, for me, the Antarctic local was a big part of it, cold and nowhere to go, both for the Thing and the crew. Add in they only know who is the Thing and who isn't for a very brief time, and the tension runs really high. A monster, that turns dogs inside out and you don't even know it's their till its about to kill you, is really creepy and awesome at the same time - Razor The original is just amazing, the suspense and thrill created is just terrifying.

How it is not in the top 5 astounds me! The exorcist just made me laugh, alien is pretty darn scary and so is paranormal activity. This film is just psychologically horrible. Watch in the dark alone "i'm outta here" - LukeB. The gore was a side effect compared to the claustrophobic horror of not knowing if the person next to you is a friend helping you or a twisted being bent on survival no matter the costs is a terrifying concept.

I first watched this movie when I was about Of course, some movies right now are pretty thrilling, but Jaws was the movie that got millions of people out of the water.

With that reaction, how can it not be in the top ten. How is Jaws not in the top ten? This was the first gore I saw when I was a kid and I threw up and it wasnt even realistic! Worst idea EVER because you know the kid he goes after No joke I will never ever watch this movie again. This movie was scary to me because I was about 5 when I saw it on T.

I wouldn't even go to our town mall because he was there. In my opinion I think this is the worst and scariest movie period! I couldn't sleep alone so I had to sleep with my dad. I used to be scared but I now see it as a horror comedy more than anything. It's my number 1 favorite.

I hated Dolls there are so kreepy I hate this movie But I can not stop watching it. This is easily one of the most scariest horror films made. The acting is brilliant the story is great and there are some really shocking moments in it. I would recommend it to any horror fan out there or anyone who wants the living hell scared out of them laugh out loud. I've got all 3 films of the series and would definitely suggest watching the 2nd REC as well as I believe it's even better, the 3rd one is not quite as good but still very entertaining!

I think the only reason it's not higher is because of subtitles. Paranormal Activity, Human Centipede and Predator made the list, but REC , the scariest, most chilling movie ever made didn;t pass the cut? Well, that's as terrifying as REC itself. This will leave you crying, screaming, and it will definitely give you nightmares. Paranormal has nothing on this and never will. Watch this at night by yourself or with a scary movie connoisseur, and you will see why this Spanish horror fil is the scariest horror film there is.

Quarantine is the american remake of this movie. More scary than 28 days later, Exorcist, or Dawn of the dead, this zombie-movie epic will leave you shaken up and curled up under a blanket. Yes, atlast a pretty decent list! True it is disturbing and quite violent. Its also a true story in the s US government nuked New Mexico's state and caused radiation and radioactivity which turned everyone in miles away into mutated creatures and if you go there now you might actually see on of there mines which were used in the 18 hundreds before they got walled in.

Years ago one of the survivors got tokd not to mention any thing about it because it was true but when one of them got interviewed they accidently told the reporters what happened so they could tell people and they would all panic so they got exucuted with out a trace and all the evidence disappeared and this is a true story! This is a fun gory good time but not too scary but love it. One of the best horror's out there, not to be mistaken with many remakes.

Very simple concept but excellent delivery I've seen the new version made in or I would recommend to watch this movie. Ahhh,one of the scariest movies I've watched. I watched it for the very first time with my friends and god it left me speechless!

I couldn't sleep for weeks afraid of being alone. How is this one not in the top 10 at least?! The original was scarier than the remake! Different things scare people in different ways I guess. This would be a tough top 10 list to compile, but Amityville Horror definitely deserves to be up there. I watched this with my brothers friends and him we didn't get half way through the movie I am now afraid of cabins.

One of the jumpiest, goriest, creepiest and most outrageous movies of all time. A fun gore fest with no breaks. Best horror movie ever seen. If you don't think so, try to watch this inside tent in some woods at night. I have never really been afraid of movies, none of them really scared me, but this did it for me. It's hard to put in words what made this movie so scary. The shaky realism of the filming, the unnerving realism of the actors' performances, the fact that you never see the monster, but it's presence is still there and it really creeps you out with the creepy things it does to torment the characters.

Just please don't get it confused with lionsgates version of it - ikerevievs. Such a scary movie! I barely couldn't believe what I Saw. I really feel sorry for the children. On the way home, I still remembered what happen and even had a nightmare that I was one of the children but I would want to watch this movie again. It was so emotion. I love horror movies, THIS is the scariest movie ever!

The first time I watched that movie, I was very tired and at the middle of the movie I couldn't sleep anymore After the movie I was scared by every single sound and afraid of being in dark rooms. Not the scariest or bloodiest of all But very scary and on top of that, one of the greatest, if not the greatest story for a horror movie - 13thmistral.

Scary but not the scariest. Not much of a difference between the PG and Unrated one. First and last scary movie I saw as kid The only horror movie that really scares me beyond my comfort zone and I've seen many.

The Candyman character is creepy as hell and I find the overall vibe of the film disturbing. I will only watch this during daylight hours In this movie you just can't help but to feel sorry for the candyman cause of everything that happened to him - cadespencer. Major scary movie while one stranger is messing with the chick the other two are doing something in her house while she's distracted they have her every move planned must see scary movie never wanna be home alone again.

Still have nightmares and saw it 5 months ago. Like those I mentioned except They even state that they had no reason for torturing them, except for of course, "because you were home. This was not scary at all but gory and fun for that reason alone. This one should be at least a number 2 or higher. This scares me more than The Exorcist. Mostly in the dark with evolved killers that don't see but hear and attack in the caves, has to be considered the scariest.

This is the only horror so far that has ever had me sitting there paralysed on viewing the screen. Not that suspenseful, but rather jump scares and seriously intense moments that really scare you! This movie is way underrated in my opinion my first time seeing this in the movie theater had me jumping out my seat. As a believer in God, I do believe that Demonic Possession could happen to somebody. I'm not going to get into a dispute about whether she was mentally ill or indeed possessed you'll have to do some research about it, like I did and I came to the conclusion that she was demonically possessed.

But the fact this horror film was based on the true story of Anneliese Michael, is what gives it such A scary edge. I've seen a lot of horror movies and The Exorcism of Emily Rose scared me the most. I still remember myself waking up at 3: This should be number 1 by far the scariest movie I've ever seen should be at the top of the list. I haven't seen this yet.

But my daughter tells me it's very good and creepy. She has good taste in movies so I better check it out - Ned Although this movie is super good, it's somewhat unrealistic. When this movie came out I saw it at only 12 years old.

My parents did not know what I was going to see and I looked older than It truly is awful and actually very mean because the last man standing should have lived. It was horrible and should only have been shown with a warning about its bad nature.

My sister made me watch this with her when I was 7 and now I can never watch it again. With the combination of the time and setting along with being black and white justs gives me chills! I could really get creeped out walking in the dark after I watched that film. This never scared me and I love zombie movies but anything after this is better zombie movie.

Maybe the best zombie film ever - I walked downtown after watching it and shat myself several times. Great action, good story, great characters, some nice social satire, and plenty of good kills. Great zombie action flick, and the one remake I actually consider worthy of being the original classic's offspring. This is better than Night of the Living Dead.

I love all the Saw movies but this was my favorite with the brain scene. This is definitely the scariest out of the 5, but the first is the best! This is a true horror movie. The music is very scary, especially in the tricycle scene. I watched it with my friend and we didn't find it scary at all and it was actually funny. My best friend has seen it too and he thinks the same. The Grudge is good though. This got to me at my younger age but not that scary now.

This movie scared the living daylights out of me! Had nightmares for about 2 weeks! This should be number 1 then no. The shining - Cookiecutter The atmosphere, the demon, the tapes, the build up etc.

Was perfect to get you scared. It was not as predictable as other scary Movies and the ending actually did surprise me. But this should be in the top ten at least if The Conjuring is there. And surprisingly low on the list. If you want to be scared out of your mind and have a hard time sleeping, watch it. Creative use of empty-dark space and lighting, creative camera angles, and the music, oh god.

It all just gets under your skin. I honestly can't believe this movie is so low here! I expected it to be at least in the top 10!

It scared the hell out of me, I can't even watch the trailer without getting scared. I honestly thought it was a hundred times better than the conjuring! This is so underrated! Under the arc of a weather stain boards, Ancient goblins, and warlords, Come out of the ground, not making a sound, The smell of death is all around, And the night when the cold wind blows, No one cares, nobody knows.

I don't want to be buried in a Pet Sematary, I don't want to live my life again. Follow Victor to the sacred place, This ain't a dream, I can't escape, Molars and fangs, the clicking of bones, Spirits moaning among the tombstones, And the night, when the moon is bright, Someone cries, something ain't right. The moon is full, the air is still, All of a sudden I feel a chill, Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away, Skeletons dance, I curse this day, And the night when the wolves cry out, Listen close and you can hear me shout.

It's easy to see through "scary" movies to the jump-scares and horror cliches. But this story is truly horrifying. It deals with emotional devastation in a tense, spooky, supernatural setting. What is lost in the end is much more than the lives of shallow characters. This actually happened to astronauts Chris Hadfield and Luca Parmitano, when emergency suit leaks almost caused disaster.

Life , a gripping space station horror movie somewhere between The Martian , Alien and Event Horizon , uses this scientific unfamiliarity to its terrifying advantage. And Life nails the fundamentals of that fear.

Daniel Espinosa emphasizes the responsibility placed on the space station by all of us here on the ground. The first half of the film demonstrates much more restraint, building tension as triangle-branded cultists isolate a mismatched group of mostly innocent people—led by Aaron Poole as an out-of-his-depth small-town cop—in a mostly vacant hospital.

Kotanski and Gillespie build in too many potentially conflicting twists—who, exactly, is impregnated with what?

It Follows , The Babadook have wisely employed relatively narrow scopes. Instead, The Void attempts to push audiences into another dimension, but manages at least a few successful frights along the way.

In the water, the pair are innocent to the ways of humans adults , but on land develop slimes and odors unfamiliar to themselves and odd yet strangely attractive to their new companions. Osgood Perkins Looking at his first two horror features, it becomes clear that director Osgood Perkins seems to have a distinct distaste for both plot and film convention. The story follows two high school-aged students who are both left relatively alone at their uptight Catholic boarding school over break when their parents fail to pick them up.

As one descends into what is implied to be either madness or demonic possession, the events are interwoven with another story about a young woman journeying on the road in the direction of the boarding school. The two stories inevitably intertwine. Night Shyamalan Split is the film adaptation of M.

Or maybe since Unbreakable , for that matter. The film looks spectacular, full of Hitchcockian homages that remind one of Vertigo and Psycho , to name only a few. Mike Gioulakis deserves major props for cinematography, but the other thing that will stick in my mind is the unexpectedly great sound design, full of rumbling, groaning metallic tones.

After so many films that relied on the kind of overwrought twist ending that made The Sixth Sense so buzzy in , it seems like Shyamalan has finally gotten over the hump to make the kinds of stories he makes best: Unlike Let the Right One In , The Transfiguration may not be a vampire movie at all, but a movie about a lonesome kid with an unhealthy fixation on gothic legends.

We Are the Flesh Director: The list of would-be shockers lurking at the edges of horror history is long: Not coincidentally, Bataille, along with Andrzej?

Immerse yourself in filth. A Dark Song Director:

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