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Is Anonymous VPN safe to use?

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One platform is operated out of the United States of America and the other platform is operated out of Nevis. All this being said, we do not log and do not have any data on our customers other than their e-mail and account username. We also operate an exclusive multi-hop network allowing customers to choose an entry and exit server in different jurisdictions which would make the task of legally gaining access to servers at the same time significantly more difficult. They are in Sweden due to the laws that allow us to run our service in a privacy protecting manner. One of them is Double VPN, where the traffic is routed through at least two hoops before it reaches the Internet. We own our complete setup, network, and data center with everything in it — no 3rd parties are allowed access.

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Anonymous VPN Review

Generally, users find Anonymous VPN speeds fine if you have a good connection and potentially frustrating if your connection is slow. If you decide that Anonymous VPN is right for you, you might be confused about the lack of a download page. This is because you need to start by signing up for one of the memberships before you will be given access to a download link. Finally, after entering your credit card information you will receive two emails from the company.

One gives you the login details you entered originally, which you will need to enter the customer section of the website. The second email includes a link to download the app, as well as your username and password. Note that your username and password for the app are different than the ones you used to sign up with. This is one of the rare points of confusion we encountered while researching for this Anonymous VPN review.

Launch the program like you would any other and then enter your username and password the ones you received in your second email. This will open the settings tab where you can choose if you want the application to start or connect automatically and have the application remember your username and password. For more technically-savvy users, you can also choose your preferred protocol. One of the primary reasons non-techie people debate purchasing a VPN is so that they can access American Netflix.

Luckily, our tests for this Anonymous VPN review have found that the program delivers on this front. With other streaming platforms, it seems to come down to luck. This is another area where Anonymous VPN excels. Not only do they allow access to P2P and torrenting, they allow it across all 25 servers. Desktop users on both Mac and Windows operating systems can download a dedicated client.

Additionally, so can Android users. To begin with, there is the Knowledge Base. Anonymous VPN provides servers in around 20 countries all over the world. Europe is especially well-represented, unlike South America, whose inhabitants will probably have to try their luck with US servers if they want to use the service.

On top of that, there is no mention of any encryption whatsoever, which is a highly troubling fact on top of all others. You can only submit a ticket and wait for their reply. You get 3 days of using the app for just 2 dollars, which is enough time to determine if it is the right fit for you or not. Note that you have to contact their user support if you decide to unsubscribe. They will steal your money folkes. I only used this for a little bit and not used it any more.

I got charged a second time and did not find out until past the 14 days they require to get a refund. It works well but when you are on popcorn time you need to keep watching it. If you lose connection, it will shut down then you may get caught in the process. You cant walk away while using it. It has been working better lately though. Its a pretty good VPN, but yes keep an eye on It I have it setup for auto connection with Popcorn Time and when device Reboots it will self enable.

I have been using this service for exactly one year today. I am able to use this service on multiple devices and it works flawlessly. The only drawback at all is that even though I am able to side load it into my amazon firestick, it isn't optimized to work on it, so after I open the application it isn't possible to click on any options therefore I can't enable the VPN service on the firestick.

Besides that I am completely satisfied with it and feel confident about my security when it is running. They take credit and they write they will charge 5. It works great for me And works great with Popcorntime.

I've had this service for over a year and have never been charged more than the service plan I clicked on and agreed to. And the one time I asked for a refund I got it back immediately. Quick and helpful response from customer service! I bought a yearly subscription but changed my mind and was given a refund even though I had used more data than the mb limit. They could have easily not given any refund. Your review must be at least characters long. Adding details really helps people understand what you like or don't about this VPN.

One of the main highlights of Anonymous is their strict Privacy Policy that includes zero tolerance for data logging. You can be sure your online activity is not being monitored and be certain that everything you do online while you are using their VPN is totally protected and secured.

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