How to automatically connect to the internet on startup?

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7 Ways to Get Free or Cheap Internet Access Legally (Even High Speed Internet!)
Thanx sir, actually i was trying to use it from long time but couldnt got the procedure to do it. Some examples of free Wi-Fi locations include the following: Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. TA Theresa Andrade Oct 2, It'll most likely be the one with the highest level of bars.

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How to Connect to the Internet for Free

Tethering your Android phone basically turns it into a mobile hotspot, allowing you to funnel a 3G or 4G internet connection from your phone into your PC or laptop via USB. As you might expect, phone carriers brought the hammer down in an effort to stop users from getting around the fees they charge to normally allow you to do this. Luckily, the FCC has stepped in and has made Verizon stop its block on tethering apps. In that window, check the box that says USB Debugging.

Download and install that app. On the PC or laptop you want to give internet access to, go to the PdaNet website and download the appropriate free PdaNet version for your operating system. PdaNet is free, but limits secure browsing. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. The app will begin running as a background service. On your computer, there will now be a small phone symbol in your system tray.

Right-click on that and hit Connect to finish the tether. You should now have 3G or 4G internet access on your computer. Be careful how much data you use though, as your carrier may become suspicious if you are downloading an extreme amount. If you want to use PdaNet on your iPhone, you're going to have to jailbreak the device, since Apple hasn't allowed PdaNet into the iTunes App Store because it "avoids your carrier's tether plan". But now thanks to the FCC's ruling, it might finally make an appearance.

Is it free for the phone too while you are using it for free wifi in laptop, I am wondering whether it will cost the phone money to do this. I mean like using the phone for the purpose without the phone internet bill costing extra due to this. I was wondering, even though I have 20 gb with verizon and using pdanet i am still getting charged my gb. Do I have to be out of gb with verizon before I can get the free internet. And yes I am always here to help my readers and give them exactly what they are finding.

Its not config, its a software in which config files can be run. This is useful software for everyone who wants to run the config. It is not necessary to run with Administrator privileges in XP. Its must for windows 7 and 8 users. Thanx sir, actually i was trying to use it from long time but couldnt got the procedure to do it. It helped a lot. If you found any difficulties in using it, tell us — we will help you in that. And yes we are working with new tricks for MH and other states.

Soon we will update on this website. I am from Ghana, Please help us here because we have a very slow internet speed here and we also want to enjoy free internet.

We have not yet provided any config files. You need working config for your operator then only you can use this software. We are updating new tutorial on how to use VPN on Android.

Be updated with our website to get know about it. But in future we will work on it and update it to our website. HEY love your tutorial was wounder if you could like teacher me how to create config file for NMD VPN plz and a little about tunneling,pinging and port scanning.

Hey thank you for commenting.!! Yes i will sure soon publish tutorial on how to create config files. Visit our website on a regular basis! Hey this is not the trick bro. Trick will be posted soon. Be updated with our website.!! Yes this can be used with any operator.

But u must have a proper config for using it. And we will soon post working config for all operators. How Can i do that?? Hey Dude, Everything Is Clear.. Check out our Airtel Categories page where you can find the latest config of the respected operators. Hey bro, can u help me on how to run run this on android?

This is a awsome tutorial for beginners.. Hai,Sir thanks for this trick,can i use this trick in airtel 2g?

Good day man… thanks for sharing this idea… i just did not get the idea on config files…. Hello, thanks for the information. However, from where am i supposed to get the files to copy to nmdvpn folder, and where is the specific tricks page, I am in Kenya and using safaricom huawei e mode.

I was connected for two days after that it keeps restarting the connection process please help me. Hey dude thank you for this aps im gonna try this. Good afternoon, I am very thank for the software but where and how can I get the config files and when I try to connect the client connection takes to long, please advice. You may also like. Tricks To Download Facebook Videos: Click here to post a comment. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We are working on lots of tricks, soon we will update on our website.

Window xp mai admistrator par run karna parega tabhi chalega free internet. Thank you so much. It is our duty to reply the comment and we do. Bhai agli post me udp or tcp port find karne ka easy or best tarika batana to bahut khushi hogi.

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