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Older version, yet still supported: But which one is right for you? On a conclusive note we can say that Ubuntu Desktop is a Linux based software that has surely made its mark. Please note that I am using Ubuntu here because some tools discussed here are only existing for Ubuntu based Linux distributions while some are available for all Linux distributions. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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UALinux has created a Ubuntu version to fill the gap for gaming. Contents The list of games would be quite extensive but the company claims there is access to over 22, games. The GamePack includes Lutris and Steam to allow you access to the specific gaming services the distributer provides. Sparky APTus Gamer is also installed to allow access to numerous gaming console emulators. If this seems to be an OS you are interested in then read on to find out how to download it.

The link from UALinux is https: Since the link is from a foreign country it is a slow download. Another option is to download the OS from a Torrent file.

Once you have a Torrent program go to https: The Torrent will allow you to download both the bit and bit ISO files. The file sizes vary depending on the architecture you need.

The requirements are the same as Ubuntu More memory would be a definite plus as well as a decent video card with a fair amount of Video RAM. Installation Once you have the ISO file on a media from which you can boot your system you are ready to continue.

Boot from the Ubuntu GamePack media and you should see a screen similar to Figure 1. Figure 2 shows the next screen which allows you to specify your language and whether you want to install or try the GamePack. Jun 6, Messages: I have some related questions, not so much about this gaming os but instead about the hardware. For example the gaming mouse.

I purchased a corsair Scimitar Pro gaming mouse but found out it doesn't even work in the Linux environment. It organizes and presents apps in a way intended to feel welcoming to new users.

Some pages show which popular commercial apps an app can replace. Linux Mint has its own Software Manager. Ubuntu MATE helps newcomers learn about their new system and get involved with the community. The app that launches immediately after installation tells you more about this. Each takes a traditional approach to computing, one that Linux newcomers will likely find easy to grasp.

Go with Linux Mint if you want more software preinstalled, saving you the effort of having to discover these programs on your own. What attracted you to one versus the other?

Which would you recommend to new Linux users? See you in the comments! Your email address will not be published.

I couldn't decide either so I installed both!!! I now have a dual boot system of Ubuntu Mate I love them both, problem solved for me at least Thanks for a great article. I would be interested in a different article in the future.

I have favorite "applets" that I depend upon in the Cinnamon desktop and I have no idea if any equivalents are available to me the Gnome 3 experience. So I guess I want an article on useful add-ons for Gnome 3 and then I can do a comparison with what I use today. Thank you for asking. The first here is the most important: This is a life saver for me, and we have to pay by the byte for Internet services.

And after that things are "nice to have". And now that I'm looking I went with Mint because at the time, it was the one distribution we had found that would recognize a particular USB TV tuner stick with no problems.

You really should update this article. Also the screenshot showing Mint Software Manager is out of date, sice Mint v According to Distro Watch, and many others, Linux Mint is, and has been, the 1 distro for past 2 years. I love the Mate desktop but I have a laptop using 4 gigs of ram and Ubuntu Mate or Ubuntu Gnome both use a lot of ram.

I am using Xubuntu now. One day maybe we'll figure out the difference between a desktop, a distribution and an OS. But in the meantime Mate is best suited for older machines with limited processing power, and Cinnamon for newer machines. Personally I like Mate on any machine, old or new. It is easy to use and configurable to what I personally want. I have had no problems with crashes. I tried Cinnamon early on and it continually crashed. If I remember correctly there was even an app to restart the desktop as it crashed so often.

Maybe things have changed with further development, but I am now a dedicated Mate user. I also chose Ubuntu over Mint. Ubuntu's biggest drawback, it is hard to pronounce. MATE's only draw back has always been it's wonky apps. They have are a bit dated and have crash issues. Mint is typically rock solid and easy to use. I have been using mint for a few years now, try other distros and always go back. It's just simple to use, works and comes load with almost everything you need.

Since Mint is basically an Ubuntu spin, the only difference and not much of one is the eye candy. I would choose any distro other than Ubuntu-based. The no fuzz installation and fast setup. December 21, 6 minutes. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Email. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Read our privacy policy. And does so to the present day.

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