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How to Change Country/Region in Google Play Store

How to change Country or region on Google Play Store
There are only different content per country. Otherwise you will end up actually purchasing the app in step 4. That's weird, I replied here a couple of days ago but it's not here now. But there is no place to change the country in settings! What if there is no alternative?

How to Change Google Play Store Region/ Country

There are only different content per country. I think it also has to do with contract bound phones, because that phone is being identified as for a specific country. Aug 18, 2 0 5. You need to use a proxy is you wish to use Google's other services. To change regions to access, let's say, other apps , use Market Enabler to do so.

It will let you choose what company to fake. Dec 22, 4 1 6. I found out a way to do it without changing wallet settings or switching accounts! This only works for free apps like hulu plus I think Using tunnelbear linked to US, load the google play store in your pc browser, making sure you are singed out of your google account. Prices should be in USD. Then, search for a free app I chose hulu plus and click install. It will then ask you to sign in to your google account.

Sep 22, 24, 13, 2, Teachaaa Jinan, China. Jan 22, 38 88 UK. Brought this thread back to life as I'm trying to follow the advice given I have downloaded TunnelBear successfully.

Pandarock32 says to log out of my Google account. I can logout on the laptop and iPad but the Google Play Store on the phone still shows in GB pounds when following the instructions above. I did find some advice saying that I could logout by removing my Google Account from the phone but that seems a bit extreme? Discussion of obtaining apps by anything other than legitimate means is not allowed here on AF.

Once connected, you will be given an IP address belonging to that country, such that Play Store will see a different IP from your actual one.

Google Play Store will therefore avail you US content. The server you choose must be based in the country that you want your Google Play Store to think you are in. In case you want to set a different country after you have already tried one, you will have to clear Google Play Store data once more then set it up. What happens is that Google Play Store will sync your computer with your smartphone , and the app will start installing automatically.

This should unblock your Google Play Store for whatever country you want. If the app you need to download is not free, you may need to have a payment method based in the country you are connecting to.

Please enter your name here You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here. Best VPN Reviews 1. Hide my ass VPN 5. Firstly, Google determines your country of origin using two things; your google wallet settings your IP.

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