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Your email address will not be published. Google's services are composed of multiple applications that run in the background. It started 2 days ago What do I do next, pls? I know it seems unfair, but there are many apps that, for example, only work in the US — and in order to stave off clueless reviews, the developers made the app region-restricted. Can I ask what steps you've taken to resolve the issue?

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Why am I unable to download any apps from the App Store?

What is phone's model? We can provide help based on your phone's model. Tips To Solve Many times you have seen then you are unable to download android apps from google play. This problem goes in a continuos loop where the google play app shows that it is downloading the app but actually nothing downloads at all.

There are some possible reasons which doesn't allow you to download apps from google play. If there is no google account associated with the android phone then you will not be able to download any app from google play.

First associate a google account with your phone by following google's step by step account to set up account for google play store. After successful setup you will be able to download apps from google play. If your phone doesn't have a working internet data connection then you can't download apps from play store.

Google Play App Updates Itself: If you were downloading apps previously and now you are unable to do the same then it may be temporary because sometimes the google play app updates itself to the latest version. While the app updates itself it won't download any app.

After complete updation you will be able to download apps from google play. If this is the case with you then you can wait for few minutes till the app updates. These were the common problems associated with google play app and android phone. But if you have already resolved the above apps and still not be able to download apps from google play then you need to clean the cahce of the phone and the app both. You can do it as follows. Solve With Simple Steps 1. Download android assistant apk here.

This app will clean all the cache stored on your phone. Install this app and open it. Click "System Clean" on below right and then again click "Clean Selected". Now go back to main menu and click "Tools" on the tops right.

Now select "Cache Cleaner". Give it time and try again later. If you're unable to download "any" apps like you stated in your post, try one or all of the following: Reboot your device 2. Make sure your account information is up to date or that you have enough funds left on your gift card, if applicable. Shivanshu Vyas likes this. Tried all of the above, still can't download! Did I mention that I can still download apps on my 3G network but not on wifi.

I just don't get it! Originally Posted by Shivanshu Vyas. Not that I know of! Until yesterday I was able to download but don't know what's wrong today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. This should not be the solution but give it a try: Open your browser, go to your router something like If this doesn't do the trick as well, make sure your router is not connected to VPN. Originally Posted by pellonad.

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