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Configure your router by following the instructions in the user manual and connect the VPN, then connect the console to the router.

This also increases safety and flexibility. The two are rather similar strategies used to establish a secure connection when playing your favorite games or surfing the web on your PS4. However, everything considered, VPN connections are much safer.

That said, here are the benefits of using VPN;. Easily stream content from Netflix — Netflix content is automatically location restricted. A VPN will instantly grant you access to such services.

The VPN allows you to bypass such restrictions with ease so you can download and enjoy whichever games you like regardless of whether they are accessible to your geographic location. Browse the internet with confidence — the PS4 gaming console, although primarily used for gaming, is often also used to stream music and videos online. The VPN will give you back the freedom you so much deserve. You should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of your investment to the fullest.

The VPN only takes you closer to those dreams. To access blocked content it is quite unlucky for VPN that despite having so much advantages Smart DNS is faster and gives better performance than this.

Of course several reasons are behind this- Smart DNS is speedier, more compatible, easy to install, and less expensive. It is also comparatively more compatible with other devices than VPN and also easier to install. The best thing is to evaluate your options. Choose three to five VPN services and assess their strengths and weaknesses. There are several qualities that make a VPN suited to the job including protocol, bandwidth and speed.

They are very secure and solutions are completely invisible to the end user. Also, they should offer a free trial period for you, different payment options, fast servers and a good knowledge base where you find the right tutorials easily for your PS4.

But here are the Top3. But if you want to use free DNS Codes online please be aware that these can be really dangerous for your whole system. All you have to do is setup your Smart DNS service by following the simple steps below. And there you have it! You can now access all the US-based contents you desire on your gaming console. This mean, you only get to unblock services and not have encrypted data or secure connections.

If you need more than just unblocking features, then we recommend you using a VPN service. Whenever you would want to get connected over a public network the first thing should come in your mind is VPN that is a Virtual Private Network. This privilege helps you get secure access connecting over an untrusted public network both individually and in a network connecting through group of computers especially when you are passing sensitive data. PS4 is a home video game console provided by Sony Computer Entertainment and connecting VPN to your gaming console can give you a mind blowing experience.

Connecting VPN to your PS4 helps you gaming through unsafe and restricted gaming servers especially when you want to hide your true identity from hackers or other untrusted sources.

Firstly you need to configure VPN on your computer configuring your Wi-Fi router with provided instructions. Then a crossover cable can connect your gaming console that is your PS4 to the router. But to follow this method you first need to make sure that your router is VPN compatible.

This way you can make your PS4 think it is in America. It might be possible that you live in a country or an area where services like Netflix is restricted or any gaming sites and facilities are restricted. At this point a privilege like VPN can be handy to help you streaming contents online from services like Netflix. And as you might know that using gaming consoles also means watching movies and streaming music, so there is risk in sharing and working with data such a way in restricted regions or restricted websites.

In this regard also, a VPN gets helpful. The speed actually depends on your internet connection. PS4 can wirelessly connect to your router or go through the PC. The performance depends on the quality of your router, interference, distance, walls, cell and cordless phones etc. Netflix and the major TV Channels are supported on all of them. Just follow the Tutorials for the Setups — youll find them in the details about the Providers.

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