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How to setup a Linksys router with Verizon FIOS
Compare those numbers to the cable companies: An incorrect setting can disable your router. I read a few articles about single-purpose MoCa bridges, but apparently not enough, as I ended up purchasing an Actiontec ECB that was completely unsuitable for my use case thanks, Wei. The program guide is available on line. No restrictions occur when the traffic limit is reached. And then how to do.

Very Slow DSL speeds

Verizon Communications

Windows XP firewall is diabled. Then my wife mentioned that she can't get to certain websites that she used to be able to get to on her laptop. My son has complained that the PS3 has connection issues now too!

I am not sure what to do. I thought of removing the Linksys and going back to the Actiontec. Maybe upgrading the firmware of both the Actiontec and Linksys may help? I just wanted to thank you for posting this really helpful article. When we switched to Verizon FIOS, it "broke" some of our home networking - file and printer sharing stopped working where they were working before and I couldn't get Back to my Mac to work.

Verizon support basically threw up their hands and said that it wasn't their problem. Using the instructions above I was able to take the stupid Actiontec router out of the picture!

I did have some trouble getting it to work initially. I did everything as instructed, but the router just couldn't seem to get an IP address. After tearing my hair out for a while, I disconnected the Netgear router from the Actiontec and plugged my computer back in to the Actiontec router, with the intention of backing back out. When I rebooted my computer, though, it immediately picked up an external not I thought maybe the problem was with the Netgear router, so I tried a different router and was able to get it working fine!

It looks like this is an older post, so I don't know if you ever check back here. But if you do, I wanted to tell you that it's still helpful and to thank you for posting such clear, detailed instructions! Thank you for posting this. I had a pretty good idea what to do, but I'm sure I would have missed something, or performed a change I didn't need to make, and you saved me a whole lot of troubleshooting. Based on all the descriptions and my own experience, it seems like if you are being served DHCP by FIOS, you have to clone the MAC or bridge the connection from the Actiontec to your own router good luck getting FIOS tech support to somehow pull the strings on their end so they are serving DHCP to something other than the Actiontec MAC -- they will just go into "script zombie" mode and tell you about 10 times in their script zombie voice that they "don't support customer equipment" even though they are the ones causing the undesirable behavior by ignoring typical network configurations or else it just won't work.

If you have a static IP, applying all settings correctly should "just work. Download has stayed the same. I may swap it out to test I needed to turn off the router firewall in order to achieve similar upload speeds to the Actiontec. I have a Linksys WAP 54G wireless access point and want to do the same - my actiontec range is terrible and want to control through the Linksys - can I do this like above or do I need to have a an actual router like the WRT54G?

Verizon will replace the coax cable with an ethernet cable. If you have been having problems with their ActionTec router you should be able to get it done free of cost. I got fios internet and tv from verizon before they started using the actiontec routers. I was a very early customer, from before they even had residential installers trained, they used the business class guys for a while.

My install was a straight ethernet cable to the free router belkin router they gave me. There is a separate very small motorola box that you plug coax into and then patch its ethernet to one of the router lan ports. TV boxes got the info they needed from the motorola box through the coax, the motorola box talked out to verizon through the belkin router.

The belkin router started getting flakey. At first it was my wife complaining about lost wireless adapter repair fixed it , then no connectivity with wireless reboot the router fixed it , then I started having the problems on my laptop and it went downhill fast, when I could no longer play xbox live across wireless I ran out and bought a linksys to replace the belkin.

Internet started working great, no more lost connections, two days later I hear, "Why can't i get to on demand" I'll cut to the chase, here. In this config I cloned the mac from the belkin, then changed the linksys dhcp to give out addresses in the Woo hoo linksys no actiontec with on demand and widgets.

Will the intructions to bridge the new Westell router be the same. My Actiontec failed and all was fine. With the new install my Sonicwall VPN will not connect to work.

The office IT guy suggested making my Verizon router "transparent" and stick with my Linksys. Have you found anything on this. I just bought a Linksys E and I can't get it to work with my Fios router. Any help would be awesome. My router reports 3 devices Ethernet, 3 Coax tv boxes , and two wireless--all present and accounted for! I am guessing the two laptops cannot see the print server because it's cabled to the Actiontec through a LAN port.

When I disconnect the cable, they still can't see it. Now I did have acouple of moments in the 12 hours or so I've wasted on this where the laptops could see and could print. But I either added a third laptop to the network or rebooted the router and when it came back up, the connections had disappeared. My research has led me to define my home network to a range of I've assigned the print server a static IP of , the last allowable in the range. Am wondering whether I need to create "bridges" beteween the Ethernet and Wireless sides of the Actiontec router.

And then how to do. Or do I need to move Actiontec router "out of the way" and install my own, as along the lines of steps above? Connect ur linksys router to ur pc, weather its thru lan or wireless but make sure you disconnect from the verizon router first. In the main screen tht pops up u will see "Local IP address" , change those numbers to something other than Search for your linksys and depending on ur security connect to it and BAM!

The best part about this way is you can still access your verizon router thru your linksys by typing in its IP I did this pretty much the same way, except I left the actiontec wireless on. This way when my primary wireless Linksys has a problem and needs resetting - it happens occasionally - my computers automatically switch to the actiontec wlan as a backup.

Then when the Linksys comes back up, they rejoin the primary network. I did that by different way 1 I changed the IP of my Linksys router to As the result now the both routers are available to configure Linksys on I configured Default Gateway to I also configured port forwarding and triggering on Verizon router they were on Linksys router before.

No big deal, everything works fine. I had a Linksys RV router already. I found the post above which instructed as per below and I followed it and within 4 minutes I had my favorite router back up and running with full functionality of TV services still intact. I quote from above which stated:.

Thanks for your help on this! I was going nuts. After buying a brand new laptop my connection was intermittently dropping off when using the ActionTek access point. I took the basic approach of just turning off the wireless on the actiontek, and then disabling the dhcp on the linksys.

It took a little while but the wireless on my laptop is now working like a charm. Agaric makes powerful web sites for people who do things. As a collective of skilled workers, Agaric collaborates with you and open source free software communities to develop tools and build platforms that meet your needs.

How we can help you? Box Natick MA, U. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. The NAT table is easily overflowed just by running a single bittorrent or in some cases, playing games.

During this time, you will unable to browse, ping, or connect to anything until you wait about 3 minutes. This problem seems to be widespread with this router, regardless of which firmware release is used. No one has been able to produce a workaround for this issue and neither Actiontec or Verizon has acknowledged this issue officially.

This problem makes your FiOS connection next to useless. While your overall throughput may drop when using a store bought consumer grade router, your actual usability may increase. Resolution This is what you will need to do: If neither works, you will need to do a hard reset on the router hold down the reset pinhole with a paperclip for about 10 seconds.

If you did a hard reset, you may not be able to reconnect to the ONT due to a configuration issue with the default router settings I will explain how to get it working as you keep reading Once you are logged in, go ahead and reset the router to the default settings if you have done numerous customizations in the past, otherwise don't worry about it.

To reset the config to defaults, click on "Advanced" at the top, then click yes in the confirmation box. You will then see "Restore Defaults" at the lower left side of the screen under the red toolbox icon. The router will now reboot itself. Remember that the username and password resets itself to the ActionTec default of "admin" and "password".

It's a good idea to change the password after this is all done of course. Go ahead and log back into the router if you have "Restore Defaults", otherwise just click on "My Network" at the top of the screen.

Once you are there, click on "Network Connections" at the menu on the left. You should now see a list of interfaces that exist in the router. To see them all, click on the "Advanced" button below that list. Now you will need to do this very important step. To do this, click on the "Broadband Connection Coax " from the connection list.

Then click on the "Settings" button at the bottom. You will now see a bunch of settings for this interface. Make sure the "Privacy" option is enabled if you have reset your MIWR to defaults earlier, it maybe disabled. Not having this setting enabled will cause the connection to the ONT to fail! Click on "Apply" afterwards, then "Yes" if there's a confirmation message , then "Apply" again.

Now you will need to turn the MIWR into a bridge. You will see a list of interfaces under "Bridge". Click on "Apply" afterwards, then "Yew" if there's a confirmation message , then "Apply" again. Since the MIWR will no longer be used for routing, go ahead and disable its wireless interface also. Click on "Wireless Access Point" in the interface list and then click on "Disable". You can also disable this in the "Wireless Settings" section. Click on "Firewall Settings" and then select "Minimum", then click on "Apply".

Verify that the MIWR no longer has a connection to the internet by looking at the status information in "Main". You can check this by going back into "My Network", then "Network Connections", then clicking on the "Full Status" button at the bottom of the list.

Should say it's connected still. Next, disconnect all computers from the MIWR. Make sure your new router's IP address is something different from You will know everything is working when you see your new router getting an IP from verizon.

Intrestingly, I Submitted by nomore1mbpsforme not verified on December 5, - 7: Thanks Submitted by lack0Fdesign not verified on January 28, - 8: The install was a breeze, honestly I expected more of a fight from Verizon's hardware. Not related to the installation described here Submitted by bass not verified on January 28, - Submitted by Stinky Fartface not verified on February 6, - 8: But I thought anyone who is following this tutorial should be aware of this issue.

Submitted by tetsujin not verified on March 10, - 5: There's two basic problems with doing this, from what I can understand I wish I'd just got them to run ethernet instead of coax Submitted by Visitor not verified on May 28, - 9: Thanks for the in advance. Can't have it all Submitted by MikieD not verified on May 31, - Submitted by Art not verified on June 13, - 5: Our internet connection kept dropping every hour.

We had to turn off the router every time. You know your stuff. Submitted by Leo not verified on June 15, - 2: Hi, I'm about to get Verizon's voice and internet 'bundle' installed in 5 days. Not sure about that I Submitted by dhakimzadeh on June 16, - I have no way to test it It does in fact affect phone Submitted by JayC not verified on July 10, - 1: Now to figure out how to bridge and also keep the phones up and working.

This works with the ethernet connection too Submitted by elitotaco not verified on June 16, - I guess I was a lucky, and managed to have only an ethernet connection from the ONT. Bridging the Submitted by dhakimzadeh on June 16, - THis works with ethernet connection too Submitted by Visitor not verified on June 16, - 3: I am wondering if it's Submitted by Igor not verified on June 17, - 1: I am wondering if it's possible to do something similar without ethernet from the ONT.

I have the same equipment Submitted by Visitor not verified on June 27, - 9: This looks like what I need. Any idea if it will be a problem with my business static IP? Using the Bridging method is Submitted by dhakimzadeh on July 11, - 2: Details Submitted by Visitor not verified on July 14, - 1: If the router you want to Submitted by dhakimzadeh on July 14, - 2: OK, this is how I did it tonight Submitted by dhakimzadeh on July 14, - 8: How did you change the settings?

Submitted by Elias not verified on March 8, - I tried this method, works Submitted by oakrdrs not verified on February 4, - Submitted by Ron not verified on July 14, - Didn't get it first try..

The actiontec should be the Submitted by dhakimzadeh on July 15, - The actiontec should be the router with dhcp server the secondary should not, only wifi on that one This is a very important Submitted by DC not verified on August 29, - 9: This is a very important thread.

I don't know whether I have Submitted by arbman not verified on September 4, - 8: I've been messing around with this for awhile. My FIOS service is relatively new Anyway, here's Linksys's suggestion: Apple Airport Extreme Submitted by gobigblue not verified on September 14, - 6: I've also heard of another workaround if you are connected via coax, quoted from a Mac forum: I am having the same problem Submitted by Dave not verified on November 16, - Upgrade your firmware on Submitted by Visitor not verified on November 12, - 5: On demand Submitted by Visitor not verified on November 13, - Remote DVR cannot find Box, bridge???

Thanks On The Edge. WiFi stopped working Submitted by Visitor not verified on December 14, - 4: Use these directions Submitted by dieburnbot not verified on December 17, - 2: Set up your wires in the following way: Sounds redundant but your second router is the new DHCP and the actiontec uses that dhcp to give itself an internal ip and provide internet for your STB's One computer plugged directly into your actiontect ethernet port 2 Steps: Then click on Network connections on the left side.

Hope you find this well!! Can you please help me? My actiontec firmware is 4. Submitted by Alex not verified on December 19, - 3: I followed your directions and everything is working perfectly except the RemoteDVR.

Is there any security risks Submitted by Angel not verified on December 22, - 6: So far you method worked for me and VOD is working. So I'm about to setup a Submitted by Visitor not verified on January 2, - Submitted by Visitor not verified on January 16, - Actiontec and WRT54G sharing the work. Submitted by Visitor not verified on January 17, - My setup which works perfectly: Everything on Actiontec router is default except I turned off the wireless.

Submitted by Visitor not verified on January 22, - 9: Anyway, it's all very frustrating especially since I'm no expert. Message 1 of 6. I have been a Verizon customer for 9 years. For most of this year I have been experiencing slow DSL speeds during prime time. I have tried both the Actiontec gateway my original modem for 9 years and the DLink new modem from this summer. The problem occurs with both of them.

It doesn't happen every single day, but out of 7 days of the week my speed drops down to. During the day I can get speeds of 2. Power cycling the router for anywhere from minutes doesn't usually help and can even make it worse.

I have ensured during testing that I only have 1 wired device attached to the router. I have DSL filters on all my phones. I have been unable to check at my NID as I dont see a jack to plug into there when I open it up, the wire that I ran from my house out to the NID is plugged in behind a locked piece of plastic. I have called many times and the phone techs have been unable to help.

I believe the RO near my house is just over loaded, congested, out dated hardware. Is it possible to be switched to a less congested circuit or have the hardware at my local RO updated to support the number of users in my area? Could you also tell me if I am setup for interleave or fastpath? Is there anything else that can be done about the speeds, this issue only started occuring around February of this year, previously speeds were fine.

Thank you for any help you can provide. Message 2 of 6. Message 3 of 6. Message 4 of 6. Glad we were able to confirm that. Message 5 of 6. Message 6 of 6. Are you in Pennsylvania or Virginia? The following videos were produced by users like you!

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