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Introducing the PlayStation Classic, with 20 pre-installed games

During the week, Sony sent a letter to the US House of Representatives , answering questions and concerns about the event. PSN messaging , we include grief reporting mechanisms where we think they might be most relevant. Voucher codes are mainly used by kids as they do not have access to credit cards and cannot purchase PSN subscriptions online. That is to keep all your personal data safe and close to you. Can we use the code more than once i. While synonymous with gaming, Sony said the PlayStation Network had evolved to become a "comprehensive digital entertainment brand". As mentioned above, the chances of an accounting being programmed by a bot are very high.

Artisan needs N0.7m for eye surgery

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Add PSN to Watchlist. Add PSN to myTerminal. Thank you - as a novice shareholder it's always a concern when there's a price drop that doesn't seem to have a reason behind it, although when the dividends are factored in it still seems to be a good investment.

All the markets look weak at the moment. Cant see it as anything other than that to be honest. PSN have loads of cash and are doing well so far this year. One to hold long and strong in my opinion. It wouldn't surprise me if the dividends were increased - the results said "at least pence per share" for the next two years, which gives scope for an increase. The company is awash with cash, and the reductions in the incentive plan for some of the directors could encourage them to increase the dividend, as they all have chunky holdings.

Perhaps more could be returned to shareholders, after all, it is a very pricey share. Results pretty much in line with the guidance from a few weeks ago. Despite the silly CEO bonuses, this is a very well-run company with a gigantic, sustainable dividend.

Probably not too much upside in the share price for now, as the overall UK house market is currently starting on a slight downcycle in real terms. Agreed strong set of interims.

Still the best value builder imo. Hoping for nice uptick in sp next few weeks. With the more than generous divi, one to hold for the long term I will second that! Very strong results and confidence is high for a strong end to it seems. Share Price might catch up one day but the dividend is very attractive! Another set of strong results. Persimmon keeps on giving. A quality share to hold in any portfolio.

I agree Skier, Cant believe the lack of posts. Only held this stock for 18 months and I have seen a share price increase although it has slumped back a bit, but still in good profit and a 9.

Its also in an ISA so no tax!! Apart from the regulation of drugs in the country, what other issues will the PCN bill address?

The bill is geared towards attaining better regulatory control of all pharmaceutical premises, pharmacists and other personnel in the pharmacy practice and training schools across board.

We are driven by a deep sense of conviction that consumers of health will have a better deal once this bill is transcended to an Act of Parliament.

Why is the PSN so concerned about a bill by another profession? The implication of the bill is that veterinary doctors would now have the powers to regulate and register premises where veterinary drugs can be dispensed or distributed. Meanwhile, sections 15 and 16 of the Poisons and Pharmacy Act Cap places restrictions on the sale and delivery of poisons.

The law requires that only pharmacists shall sell or deliver poisons on the written prescription of a registered medical practitioner, registered dental surgeon or registered veterinary surgeon. This highlights the sensitivity the relevant statutes attached to drugs of this nature. Veterinary practice and premises regulation fall under the special powers of the PCN. We also draw the attention of the National Assembly to the age-long golden rule in health care that bars the prescriber from dispensing at the same time.

This rule guides against the prescriber from deriving economic benefits from the process of dispensing and sales of medication. The rule also insists on the dispenser not deriving economic benefits from the process of prescribing, allowing both to act in the best interest of the patient.

Significantly, what this bill is proposing is that the dental surgeon can also have the right to operate pharmacies and drug shops with its potential for abuse and conflicts. The bill must not be allowed to see the light of day.

Your opposition to the bill may possibly bring conflict between the two professional bodies. How do you intend to prevent this from happening?

We presented this matter at a recent public hearing and our prayers included: First, any professional or professional body interested in running a pharmacy or drug store must seek the licensure of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria like it has been since we first had the Pharmacy Ordinance of Global best practice must prevail in the circumstance. Third, there is need to ensure harmonisation of activities, and therefore the PCN and NAFDAC should be further strengthened for their regulatory activities and functions.

Fifth, appropriate directives should be given to all concerned to comply with the existing statutes and the dictates of the National Drug Policy , which is a collaborative document produced under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Health, World Health Organisation, Department for International Development and the European Union with regards to the registration of veterinary drugs in Nigeria.

So, we do not set out to engage any other profession for a popularity contest because it is not usually a positive agenda. If you, however, encroach on our area of competence, we have a responsibility to curb such incursion. We also affirm its readiness to partner with all stakeholders in the obviously arduous task of ensuring standards in all facets of health care in the country.

For long, the country has mainly relied on imported drugs. What is a body like the PSN doing to push the country forward in manufacturing its own drugs on a large scale? But we have and will continue to advocate that the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health, should follow the dictates of its own National Drug Policy which preaches the gospel of local manufacturing by advocating attainment of 70 per cent status in self-sufficiency of essential drugs as a target which should have been met over a decade ago.

Are there specific constraints affecting the local production of drugs and how is the society helping to remove such barriers? We all know them. Poor electricity, water, poor roads and other poor infrastructure. These and so many others increase the cost of production and, therefore, do not make local manufacturing attractive to entrepreneurs in and beyond our industry.

Sony would, apparently be the least qualified to give geography lessons. Your own codes go live at 9am in your region. For more info or to change settings, click here.

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Show more replies 1. Show more replies 4. Is it just me or PS Store down? Web site is down for me and have seen reports on down detector too. What method of login were you using? Cheers for the reply. Senran kagura bon appetit here I come, trophy list is awesome. What is the discount code for United States?

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