Did Ohio Replace Lethal Injection with a Head-Ripping-Off Machine?

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It's a very good precaution as they have already showed a tendency to self harm. Its headlines are poignant and clever and the articles that follow can often be funny but typically prove that it is unnecessary to go beyond the headlines. This is just your standard click-baity headline. May as well make it worth-". Yeah, it sounded like bs when I read it, too. It is almost always legal to intervene to prevent imminent and obvious death, even if the cause of death is not a crime, and even if it means doing what would otherwise be a crime.

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Consider the points she makes:. Conclusion to be drawn from her statement: The fact that it's a deterrent makes it worth the innocent blood that's spilled because it should be a perfect justice system. On a tangential note, I hate that she says they were convinced they had "full burden of proof". Of course they had the burden of proof, what they need is actual proof.

You're not using correct terminology, and that fact makes me less inclined to take your statement as educated or knowledgeable. Our country is run by intellectual lightweights like her.

It's kind of depressing. Who is the woman who doesn't care about innocent convinced people dying but still claims that punishment as a deterrent actually works? She used to be an actual lobbyist for the tobacco and alcohol industries before becoming an MP and now that she's one, she continues to advocate on behalf of the tobacco industry which is just lunacy in She doesn't understand the simple principle that evidence determines guilt not punishment, yet is somehow qualified to be a Member of Parliament and Government Minister.

She is a shining example of the intellectual mediocrity of the British political classes in the 21st century. I thought her argument was going to be something like "Those who have attempted a suicide bombing and been stopped have already shown that their lives mean nothing to them. Therefore, rehabilitation is an expensive and ineffective approach.

This may be one instance in which case the death penalty is, with great reluctance, justified. Could you direct me to the part of the article where she says this. Because it sounds like you only read the misleading headline. She wants people who get prevented to face the death penalty. It doesn't take an average IQ to work that one out ay. I may have missed her saying this, but in this article and the others I've been able to find abut her statement, she never specifies prevented bombers.

In fact, she says this decision came in the midst of the successful suicide bomber in Manchester. In her defense, she says the goal would be preventative in the knowledge that if you are stopped by the police before you can commit suicide, you'll be executed.

Still, that doesn't seem a good approach either because they're fully willing to die. May as well make it worth-". Because you want her to be a dumb right wing politician. This is exactly what's wrong with the media today. Purposely twisting words to make them sound dumb when you know full and well what the fuck she meant. Jesus, you have to be a proper shit if even UKIP isn't desperate enough to associate with you. Well, they really just kick out the dumb ones, not the extreme ones. I see the same thing with the equivalent party here in Sweden.

They don't kick out the former overt Neo-nazis. Only the ones dumb enough to wave the Swastika around or say things like 'fucking jews ruin everying' publicly.

Same as the business world, anything goes as long as you're not caught, in which case you're out with the wolves.

This one always gets me. She's obviously suggesting that conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism should be punishable by death. I made this comment because I fear there are people who actually think she wants to give the death penalty to chunks of charred corpse.

I get the confusion, in ancient China we have this thing about pulling corpses out and executing them just to make a statement. China is 1 at blaming something on people that are dead for many years because of something their descendants did. It's not when you have the thought, it's when you put those thoughts into practice. This is applicable for all other crimes as well, nothing new. I mean like if they catch the criminal before they press the trigger.

There's videos of suicide bombers getting arrested, vest and all. I'm not supporting whatever idea she has, I'm just saying this is probably what she meant. The problem with this is that it removes the motivation to surrender. If someone gets cold feet and wants to give themselves up yet faces a death penalty then they might just go ahead anyway since they're dead either way.

Dude is already willing to die for his cause. I don't think a death penalty threat is going to be much of a detterent. I can't even begin to explain to you why your logic is flawed, we need help from inside ISIS to take them down and suicide bombers that change their mind are a great source of information.

This would be pretty hilarious but at no point does she specifically say suicide bombers should get the death penalty. This is just your standard click-baity headline. It's pretty clear she's talking about all forms of terrorism and she's even quoted saying shes's well aware that it might not be a deterrent for people that have already accepted their death. This woman knew exactly what she was saying. Conveniently, this article also chose not to include the following quote from her, which I have found in 3 other places.

She didn't say that Never did she say "for suicide bombers". Pretty sure she is meaning she wants the death penalty for those that attempt suicide bombing attacks and fail, IE the underwear bomber in the US whose bomb fizzled, and for those that support the bomber by being the bomb maker Obviously it sounds funny, but you have to know what she means, right?

It's for people who are planning attacks, or attempted attacks but failed. I don't think that people who are ready to blow themselves would reconsider their plans, even for a second, because of teh death penalty. This is this Tweet the Article is sourcing. She didn't necessarily mean suicide bombers, as she didn't mention them, she wants the death penalty for terrorists in general.

I looked through quite a few of her tweets, and I regret it. The Woman's a nutcase for sure. I guess you have to be to end up getting kicked out of UKIP. I don't get why this is here. She obviously means if they're caught or unsuccessful. I think it's a good idea because they would feel utter embarrassment and shame for failing to do any damage and being killed anyway.

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I bet they have a sweet severance package as well. You no longer 'commit' suicide. Typically, in situations like suicide, the church teaches pity, not condemnation. Living in the Midwest this is the alleged underpinning of every decision we make. This could have changed recently though. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for the TIL people. The corpse sat still. As if contemplating where it went wrong, or perhaps how it got found out. That is an urban legend. Friend who served in the police.

If you don't "commit" suicide. Tell the police someone is smoking reefer and they can break into your home to beat you and kill your dog ftfy. Which is to say, broken.

My gawd, what an absolute buffoon. Yeah, it sounded like bs when I read it, too. Take it with a grain of salt. Nope, she didn't think that was fair since they failed. Welcome to the front page my friend, the Karma Gods smile on you this day. I raise my afterwork drink in praise of those efforts.

This whole thread is "hur dur racists". Well, that's settled, then. Do you live next to a terrorist? Find out in 5 easy steps! Priti Patel is an easy target though. Her argument makes absolutely no sense. Consider the points she makes: She wants death penalties for the successful suicide bombers. She could have approached it like I did, but no. Sure, they may end up being guinea pigs of a sort, using largely unknown substances, but hey, it's for the good of the race With talk of reassessing the death penalty not by reforming it or getting rid of it altogether, we instead have grim-faced law-and-order types like State Rep.

Just read the comments from people on most online Oklahoma stories involving the death penalty. Most seem perfectly comfortable with racially-biased, ineffective and overly expensive punishments that could quite possibly end up killing innocent people. Perhaps their minister told them that to feel this way was pefectly Christ-like and loving in our enlightened age.

Sounds like the logical next step in an undeniably bloody business. Heads could soon be popping off left and right and society can sleep well at night. Of course it would be quick, albeit a bit bloody and messy. Today we learn that Lockett's body was returned from a medical examiner in Dallas sans his heart and throat.

Make 'em suffer a bit. Make them squirm in agony. Think of the crime they commited! It's all grotesque but necessary in the land of the free and so forth. Haven't you read your Old Testament, sir? Or, we could have a hooded Mike Christian — no doubt a weapons expert — be assigned a sharpened ax and we could have public executions in McAlester's town square.

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