10 Best Tween-Friendly Scary Films

Top 10 Scary Movies for Tweens

Scary Movies For Kids
We tried Flowers in the Attic blast from the past for me because I read all the books when I was 11 or so but it is actually very boring. The beast is whomever they find beastly in their own lives. I have two 5 year olds an I am doing the same thing as what my mom is doing and they love scary movies. Oh, and there's magic and witches, too! The early Universal monster movies are masterpieces. The Ring and The Grudge

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18 Best Scary Movies for Kids

Who is this strange watcher? Or is it a ghost? Is it Karen come back to haunt the woods, or someone else with an even deeper secret? Find out by yourself! This could be one of scary movies for your tweens to watch, but as long as you watch it with them together, things won't go too wrong. In the story, there was a normal couple at one timewho had decorated their house to perfection until they were no longer living. While the original couple attempts to scare them out, it only helps the new family become the main attraction of the town.

Instead of succumbing to this fate, the dead couple turns to Beetlejuice in hopes to rid their home of anyone moving in once and for all. When DJ is left alone the night before Halloween, he notices that the house next door is actually a giant monster that eats everything that comes close to it, including children and dogs.

When trapped inside the monster house, the kids must think quickly in order to get out alive. Fully functional with a tongue, tonsils and uvula, the monster house nearly eats the young children as they attempt to get out, while dodging many sudden cracks, crevices and movements of the house.

While waiting for her husband to return from World War II, Grace moves herself and her two children to an old family mansion located in Jersey. The children suffer from a disease which prevents them from ever being in direct sunlight, which soon becomes a problem when the mother must hire a group of servants.

After being kicked out of their university positions, the three strange scientists begin employing themselves as Ghostbusters. Known to trap any type of ghost, spirit, poltergeist or haunt, they traverse the city, saving various houses and families until one day they discover a much larger problem: Is this another "good" scary movie for tweens?

You'd better ask your children after they watching. Just like a worm, these monsters swallow their victims whole, even if it requires to swallow an entire car. I watched this at age 11 and was slightly traumatized. Children of the Corn same caveat as for Carrie And teen horror from the 90s: But some people think it's too scary to be PG The Ring and The Grudge Most of the horror movies today are PG, not R-Rated.

In any case, I recommend some ghost stories or vampire movie. Women prefer psychological horror with little to no gore to violent horror. I would agree with most of the movies listed above. I would steer her away from the Urban Legend and Final Destination movies, they tend to be a bit grisly.

I would also stay away from Army of Darkness, only because she would really have to see Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 first the original Evil Dead, not the remake and those are a bit too intense for Adding to the list: The Night of the Living Dead gotta give her some culture, some exposure to film history!

Don't forget the really old classics, if she's willing to watch them: What if instead you tried to open her up to entirely different things, like classic comedies? I'm starting to wonder if one reason younger people are so limited is because people give them only what they ask for. I'm probably a bad judge of what's fine for a 12 year old because I kinda think any of them are fine, lol.

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