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I want phone records. If you do obtain the records without consent of the account holder, the records remain inadmissible as evidence in court. Cookies make wikiHow better. Classic Cyber Challenge Computer and Network Security expert Hugh Thompson teaches the basics of computer security, and then challenges you to show what you've learned in our Cyber Challenge games. All times are GMT Results 1 to 4 of 4. That's why I cancelled my account today.

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They are mandated by law to keep the records, and should be able to provide them to anyone who can prove that they are the main account holder. Be prepared to provide personal information that will assist the customer service representative in identifying your account, including your account number, cell phone number, current home address, and possibly the last four digits of your social security number.

Because your cell phone provider should have provided this information to you in a monthly statement, they may charge you a fee for providing this information to you again. Set up a "trap". If you are trying to identify who is responsible for the harassing robocalls or calls of a stalker but the caller's number only appears as "unknown," they are actively blocking your caller ID.

The actual number won't even show up on most phone records. In this case, contact the phone company and ask that "trap" be put on your phone. This will identify all numbers that call you and unblock your caller ID. The number will no longer appear on your phone records as "unknown," and the people responsible can be identified.

Understand the legal limits. You cannot easily obtain the phone records of any person--even your spouse--if their account is in no way linked to your name. If you do obtain the records without consent of the account holder, the records remain inadmissible as evidence in court. Check for the records in the bills you have received.

If a person is making harassing phone calls or you suspect someone who shares your cell phone plan of making inappropriate calls, you should have a record on your cell phone bill. Frequently, the records you receive will be divided by the phone used to place or receive the calls. Less organized records will jumble them all together, but will still list the number of the sending and receiving phones.

Look for the records online. Again, the phone company should have complete records of all incoming calls and outgoing calls made to or from anyone on your cell phone plan. Whether you are trying to identify a stalker or keep an eye on your children and spouse, the phone company will have records that can help you. You may have to first create an online account in order to access your records on the phone provider's website. Contact the cell phone service provider.

Ask for a new copy of the records if they cannot be found any other way. Obtain records via a subpoena. The cell phone records of an estranged spouse can be obtained when you are in the middle of a court case by having them subpoenaed.

This is the legal method of obtaining cell phone records that your lawyer can use in a court case. You an only subpoena phone records are part of a court proceeding--that is, through a lawsuit or divorce. The subpoena will usually have to be approved by a judge, though that differs based on the type of proceedings.

These data brokers often operate businesses of questionable legality depending on the methods they used to obtain the records , and most commonly they are not admissible in court. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 7. Is it legal for a cell phone company to charge me for a copy of my bill? It depends on the terms of the cell phone company, but normally you shouldn't be charged. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. How can family plan holders be prevented from access to a cell phone record? It must be the name on the bill, or an authorized person.

It is solely based on security reasons. This is both good and bad, as it can be frustrating when you require the record legitimately, but comforting to know that not any old person can obtain phone records. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6. It depends on the carrier, but the short answer is yes. Once you have made the call, your phone talks with cell towers, then transmits your call to the receiver. It is then that a log is made, and not when the receiver answers.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 5. Is there any way to scan through phone bills for a specific number instead of physically looking for it? Once that's up, type in the phone number you're looking for and the feature will bring you to that number. The are in pdf form and are available online. This is a user to user forum. I am a user, just like almost everyone else on the site.

Award for Community Excellence A. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party. Message 2 of Message 3 of On my account I am the primary and I received a notice when I checked my usage report and it said I had 1, un-seen text all under my name some ate my husbands and daughters and also mine all for the month.

But none of that was under their usage reports. First time I receive this. Message 4 of Message 5 of Message 6 of Message 7 of Message 8 of How can I get a copy of my phone records? I need copys of my phone records from June to October of all calls that came in phone number Message 9 of Message 10 of Copy of text messages. Message 11 of I I need them. Message 12 of I want phone records. Message 13 of I need phone record. Message 14 of How do I get copy of my phone records.

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