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5 Best Android VPN for 2018 (How to Setup Android VPN)
Retrieved November 19, This solution is out of date, Whatsapp doesn't save the phone number on the acount name anymore, do you know where whatsapp saving the phone number after the new update? Add this to your manifest for every activity where you do this to avoid it: From there, switch the setting off. How to disable orientation change in Android?

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Android app protection policy settings in Microsoft Intune

I am sorry for my bad english. Encrypting your Credentials on Windows Phone 7. Thanks for the post!! This really helped me avoid long hours of research and reading. Works perfectly from the beginning!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Text; The Encrypt method below takes the data you want to encrypt as well as a password and salt value as arguments. Write data, 0, data. GetString decryptBytes, 0, decryptBytes. Beyond the two Crypto methods above, I created a pair of methods to save and load your encrypted ApplicationSettings to Isolated Storage as shown below: When you combine this with the following security elements: Hi, Thanks for this useful blog.

DaveShaw July 2, at 8: Tashina Drisko July 8, at 3: Thank you ever so for you blog post. DustinHorne March 3, at 9: Mike August 2, at 9: Rob Tiffany Post author August 11, at 8: Asian October 31, at Is using your encryption technique a good idea for this case?

Dan Chimento January 16, at The lower the figure, the quicker it locks you out. Start by going to Settings then Display. Under the Sleep setting, change the inactivity timeout to 30 seconds or lower, depending on preference. But there's one more setting you need to check Once you've lowered your phone's sleep timeout setting, you need to make sure that your Android device locks and presents the lock screen when it wakes up.

A quick jump to Settings then Security , and make sure that the Automatically Lock setting is set to Immediately. A lock screen won't necessarily prevent a thief or hacker from getting access to your data.

You can enable a setting so that after ten failed unlock attempts, your Android device will be wiped clean and all data destroyed. You can turn this setting on from Settings then Security , and then so long as you have your screen lock enabled , you can turn on the Automatically Wipe setting -- though, it should be enabled by default.

Your lock screen can show a lot about your life. Your Android phone or tablet can limit what's shown on the lock screen in order to prevent others' from seeing your personal content as it comes in.

You can change how notifications are shown under the When device is locked setting. The most privacy conscious setting is to Hide sensitive notification content so that you know which app is alerting you, without showing its contents. Unlike iPhones and iPads, Android devices can run third-party content outside of the Google Play app store. This can open up a device to malware attacks. The easiest way to ensure that only verified and malware-checked apps can be installed on your phone or tablet is by going to Settings then Security , and ensuring that the Unknown sources option is turned off.

Many Android phone makers, including Samsung and LG , will now offer monthly security patches to ensure that any known vulnerabilities will be patched. You may be prompted to install these patches every month.

It's one of the best ways to ensure that you won't be attacked by hackers and malware. Make sure you periodically check for software updates by going to Settings then About phone or About tablet , then head to System updates.

How to spot a fake ICO in pictures. The worst cyberattacks undertaken by nation-state hackers. How to discover and destroy spyware on your smartphone in pictures. For privacy and security, change these Android settings right now. These are the most important privacy settings in Android It only takes a few minutes from the very first time you power on your Android phone to lock it down for your security and privacy.

For privacy and security, change these iOS 9 settings now How to encrypt your Android smartphone or tablet Windows Phone owners are asking: August 22, -- Set a strong passcode or password Setting a strong passcode is imperative to protecting your Android phone or tablet.

In the manifest file this caused that activity to display in landscape. However when I returned to previous activities they displayed in lanscape even though they were set to portrait. So I now use both methods. Lock screen orientation Android [duplicate] Ask Question.

The "Possible Duplicate" link is not a duplicate question to this one. This question is asking how to lock the orientation so that it cannot change from landscape. The linked question is asking how to prevent application restarts when the orientation does change.

This seems to be what you want: Just a caution though, if you are using inline ActivityInfo. You can then use above or ActivityInfo. For future readers, caw 's method is not an accessible method from within the context of a regular Android application.

Anyway, I just saw that the link is not valid anymore. It would look something like this in the XML:

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