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Kill Switch When kill switch is enabled and the connection interrupts, the client automatically blocks all outgoing network connections. Auto Server Let our client automatically pick the fastest location for you. Betternet VPN for Windows allows you to browse the web anonymously without hackers, third parties, or government organizations accessing your online history. Compatible with various operating systems. Rarely have I ever had trouble connecting or configuring. For that, Betternet offers a premium version of its service.


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Luckily, Hotspot Shield VPN can detect and block millions of known cyberthreats so you can browse and stream safely. Set up Hotspot Shield today and gain peace of mind. Connect all your iOS devices to over 2, servers in 25 countries across the globe, so you can access a world of information at home. We're here to help Premium users with any question or issue.

We'll be with you in seconds, not minutes or hours. Top-grade security and encryption always keeps your network activity away from hackers and identity thieves. Have more than 1 device? Yeah, so do we. Windows , Mac , Android: With over 30 patents, our unique VPN technology optimizes multiple server connections that are stronger and faster over long distances. We're confident Hotspot Shield is the best VPN for you, so we give you plenty of time to test it out.

Thanks for a great product. Your company's products are very good. It is a 5 star without complaint. Love it, or leave it and get your money back. The easiest way to connect is to literally just press the giant Connect button. Within a few seconds or less, Betternet has you connected and you can already go about browsing. Betternet does not snoop into your data nor sells it for money.

In fact, I greatly admire the transparency Betternet offers about how it makes its money and continues to run. It has a page on its website explaining just how it makes money , none of which include selling your data or showing you annoying ads as you browse. The only ways Betternet make money are through ads within the app — not while you browse — and videos. Of course, there is an easy workaround to this though.

Feel free to dodge the app entirely the next time you want to enable VPN. Open the Settings app and toward the top, switch on VPN. Then again, if you want to continue to support Betternet, by all means use the app and watch the quick ad. Some, particularly those trying to access websites blocked either in the office or in entire countries, need more control.

For that, Betternet offers a premium version of its service. Premium gives you several location options, plus the promise of an even faster connection and prioritized tech support should you need it. Your location options with Premium include seven cities in the United States: This provides fine-tuned control over your location in an already intuitive VPN app.

While it is a downside that Betternet charges to change your location, the cost is pretty inexpensive especially if you purchase annually.

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