How to open or forward a port on a router

Port Forwarding (PC ONLY)

How To Port Forward a Router
For example, you would type in the name of the game. It's a link near the bottom of the window. Depending on your router, this text field may already be filled with your computer's IP address. Locate the Environmental Variables In order to fix this you need to find this section in the control panel of your computer. To get started, visit our List of Routers and pick your router. That works when we have the easy ability to change the port that is requested as in the example above. Returning to the port forwarding instructions, after choosing which device the rule should apply to, ensure the rule is enabled.

Single port forwarding

How to Set Up a Static IP Address for Port Forwarding

Step Four Now to port forward. Since all routers are different I can not write a guide on all types but these are the basics and, as far as I know, all routers port forward with this basic information.

You need to locate the section in your router's options about it. It is usually in an advanced section close to server hosting. This is due to the server being run on your computer and blah, blah, blah, just find a port forwarding section. You will see a list of available slots to forward ports.

If you have different port options you may have to enter it into one field or as range like You only need that port open, only that one. My external IP is Save the settings and make sure that this setup is enabled, click a checkbox then you can run your minecraft server with port forwarding completed! Step 5 Run the minecraft server jar file you have and go to a website that checks ports open to verify you have done it right.

If it gives a green flag you're good! If you can't get it working I'm open to helping people and will eventually post a general troubleshooting section below this. How to Fix the IPConfig Function in Command Prompt The problem with command prompt your probably exeriencing is that the command prompt doesn't know what the IPconfig batch file should be run whatever the directory. Now you could probably just type "c d C: There's no space between the c and d in the code.

It'll put this smiley cd if I don't put one here Step 1: Locate the Environmental Variables In order to fix this you need to find this section in the control panel of your computer. To do this you need to locate the system and security section.

May be different for Windows XP. But inside the section there is a link to advanced system properties. When you get a new options windows there should be a button with "environmental variables It is in all caps and hard to miss. It is only called PATH, 4-letters, no more. Fixing it -To fix it you have the possibility of messing some stuff up on your computer so I recommend when going to edit the line you copy the previous version and paste it in MS Word so you can move it back if you screw it up.

Last edited by Awesomist: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Log in to your router. If you've never done this before, check the login screen for more information, or try the User name as "admin" or "ADMIN", and the password as "password", "admin", "", or simply nothing. In the IP address box, use the dropdown menu to select the device running your server. To test it, open up your Minecraft server and a Minecraft game. While those are loading, Google "my ip address".

Google should tell you your public IP address. If this IP does not work, Google "What is my ipv4 address". Click on a website that should tell you your IP in the form of x. Copy and paste that address into the address field when trying to find a new multiplayer server.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5. Can I have a bit more explanation about step 12 regarding where to paste the address? On the Minecraft main menu screen, there should be a button that says "Multiplayer. Click "Add Server" at the bottom. The IP Address slot of the new server page is where you paste the address. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. How do I complete the IP address in the heading? Answer this question Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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What Is Port Forwarding?

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