How to permanently delete your Facebook account

The Facebook Account Deletion Process

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently?
For this, follow the steps:. I didnt ask for anything! So if they decide not to participate in facebook anymore because of whatever reason please respect that. After all my group postings were all over Google not to long ago, I decided to deactivate and make a new account and start from scratch and not share personal info, not post in groups, etc. One reason why I suggest you first delete all your friends and photos videos etc… on the account before you go through the delete process. Deactivate account This next step is probably the most bewildering! One more week and mine Should be gone for good.

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How to permanently DELETE Your Facebook Account – 2018 Update

Deactivating or Deleting Your Account. What's the difference between deactivating and deleting my account? If you deactivate your account:. If you delete your account:. Was this information helpful? How do I temporarily deactivate my Facebook account?

You can deactivate your account temporarily and choose to come back whenever you want. Keep in mind that if you choose to keep Messenger active or are logged into Messenger when you deactivate your Facebook account, then Messenger will remain active. Learn how to deactivate Messenger. Remember, you'll need to have access to the email or mobile number you use to log in to complete the reactivation.

Learn how to permanently delete your account. So, if you want to liberate yourself from the clutches of Facebook, how can you achieve this freedom? Just as your computer holds data, background information, and paths to documents, social media holds onto a network of information that lurks in the background and remains in cyberspace — gone, but not forgotten. If you actually delete your account, there is no way to access it again in the future and the content will be irretrievable.

We often fail to consider that this function means we are giving out information every time we use it, letting others access and store our personal information. The first step to Facebook freedom is to remove those apps that are linked to your Facebook account.

Now you need to clear up your virtual footprints that leave a path of your recent activity. If you want to keep hold of the information linked to your account, such as photos you have posted and the names of the friends you had within that account, you will want to download a backup of your account data. This next step is probably the most bewildering!

Facebook wants to send you on a wild goose chase, making the option to deactivate your account easy to find and desperately pointing you in this direction. Because deactivation is not deletion. Deactivation means you can just log in again and carry on as if nothing happened. While deactivated, your friends will not be able to post to your account or send messages.

Despite many efforts, finding the link to delete your account is virtually impossible. Many people post almost all of their life activities on Facebook. Sometimes you want to get out of your Facebook life and enjoy the real world. You do this by deactivating your Facebook account. But you can also delete your Facebook account permanently if you want to leave Facebook for the rest of your life. Before saying goodbye to your Facebook life, you should backup your data in case you need it at a later point in time.

You might be thinking why I am telling you such simple thing. But some people might not be aware of this.

Backup your Facebook data

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